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Top 10 Most Corrupt Politicians In India

History shows the most corrupt politicians in India who have destroyed the economy of India and has provided a new direction to the government. Some were good but it is not always the case that we only get the good ones. When we get something good, something bad is coming along with it. such corrupt politicians have taken us to a quite bad situation.
Some of the corrupt politicians in India are as follows.

1) Lalu Prasad Yadav

Age: 11th June, 1948 ( 68 )
The limelight and power obsession in the veins of Lalu is quite famous and everybody knows about it. He has his own folder which shows his worth and it was estimated to be about 9.5 billion rupees and this was all taken during the regime of Bihar. After Bihar was pushed to the dark zone, Osama looked like using a campaign of election and he has all this in politics alone while he was ruling Bihar. He was the most corrupt politician in India who has earned so much from government of India.

2) B.S Yeddyurappa

Age: 26th February, 1943 ( 73 )
Yeddyurappa is the first person in the government of BJP in South who was facing the blatant corruption to hit Karnataka. He was accused of the aid he got from his son to rank in the land deals which were very huge. BSY went to prison and lost his seat of chief minister. He earned a lot from the government of India.

3) Rahul Gandhi

Age: 19th June, 1970 ( 46 )
Rahul Gandhi is a part of Congress government and it is to be told that he talks about none but he knows how to get well with the drift. T is not for the nepotism of our political country as it figures like to stand a chance and he makes it clear with the poor farmers and listens to the griefs. They do not show it to them as it is a state of mind which does not show it to be philosophical and becomes ignorant.

4) M. Karunanidhi

Age: 3rd June, 1924 ( 92 )
A scam of 2G was the biggest of this time which made the whole world surprised and this was only played by Karunanidhi who was, after this scam, sentenced to death. He is probably the extreme corrupt politician in India who has given too much harm to the Indian Government. He has remained the politician of South and he has been aided to exploit many and theya re fooled by the smile of disarm and the erection of temple in this honor at the Tamil Nadu.

5) Mayawati

Age: 15th January, 1956 ( 60 )
While talking about the monuments, Mayawati cannot be forgotten as the meteoric rise in the fortune party reek of corruption goes up with the statues in Uttar Pradesh and she redeems the action to crackdown the recruitment scam of police with the Mulayam Singh Government before this started.

6) Digvijay Singh

Age: 28th February, 1947 ( 69 )
The most hated posters of boys were the congress of government and he was running this government for about many previous years and he has been the most corrupt politician in India who has earned a lot from the government of India through illegal ways. He has been known to be the Congress faithful dog and he is behind all the blasts of Mumbai.

7) Suresh Kalmadi

Age: 1st May, 1944 ( 72 )
Many are the politicians who stew in the pots of bubble in corruption which are still not seen by the media but the overachievers reach the stars for the whole game of Commonwealth to farce the link in the pockets of the politician who is not here now has got about thousands of crores from the government. In many of the events, this man was sent to jail for such crime and it will last till nine months.

8) MadhuKoda

To paint this picture of grandiose is the criminal and corrupt politician of India who is also a previous chief minister of India and has got too much money from the government of India. Buddies have collected about 4000 crore rupees with the allotment of contracts in Jharkhand. The scam was in a large proportion which sent him to jail and he has just come out a few time back.

9) Narendra Modi

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Age: 17th September, 1950 ( 66 )
The prime ministerial candidates were the biggest in the elections that were about to come and Namo is hated by the apparent love and with the violence which was communal in 2002 in Gujrat for the development model in Gujrat with the people who were strikingly facing poverty. He is a controversial child who has been rescued from the 15, 000 Gujrat’s while a flood in Uttarakhand in this year.

10) C.C. Patil

New records have been set in the world by C.C. Patil which has been caught through the watch of porn during the state legislative assembly and it was watched on the mobile phones. It is the worst case which has ever been seen here which shows the worst case scenario and all the decisions are normally taken by the leaders and he has is the most corrupt politician in India who has shown least concern with the people.


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