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Top Ten Most Beautiful Capitals in the World

The capital can be described as the municipality enjoying principal status in the country, the prime city for government meetings often defined as constitutional capital of the state.

The importance of state’s capital could be analyzed that this is the key place for all of government events and occasions either involved domestic or foreign people. The capitals is considered as face of the nation so it has been well decorated, natural and breathe taking landscapes, mostly less populated, amazing panoramic views, stunning and beautiful landmarks, cultural and traditional city.

To assemble world’s beautiful capitals in a list is truly a tough task but their captivating and mesmerizing beauty helped us to arrange beautiful capital cities. The list of top most beautiful capitals in the world is given below:

10: Moscow

The capital of Russia Moscow is home to more than twelve million people making it the most populous city in the country and ranked as largest urban economies all over world. Located in the Central Federal District of European Russia on the Moskva River Moscow is becoming world’s fastest growing tourist destination. Russia’s foremost political, economic, civilized and technological city Moscow has numerous magnificent attractions like  Moscow Art Theatre, Lenkom Theatre, Monument to Alexander II, Triumph-Palace, Golden Ring Hotel and Russia Tower among other breathtaking destinations.


9: Ottawa

Situated on the south bank of Ottawa River in eastern region of Southern Ontario Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, famous for some of its outstanding and delightful natural attractions. Canada’s fourth-largest city is home to nearly one million inhabitants that cover the area of 1,072.9 sq mi, considered as one of political and scientific centre of Canada. Ottawa has various natural and historical landmarks such as Canadian Parliament, Byward Market, Rideau Canal, Ottawa off the Beaten Path and National Gallery of Canada.


8: Budapest

One of the largest cities in Central Europe Budapest is the capital city of Hungary, being the largest city in country it has 1.7 million residents living in it. Budapest stands among most beautiful cities in Europe having extensive World Heritage like banks of the Danube, Buda Castle Quarter, Heroes’ Square, Andrássy Avenue and Millennium Underground Railway. According to latest statistics the capital has attracted more than 4.4 million people every year following various titles such as the world’s second best city, Europe’s seventh most tranquil place to live and world’s beautiful capital.

Top Ten Most Beautiful Capitals in the World, Moscow, Ottawa, Budapest, Tokyo, Rome, Paris, Washington, Berlin, Islamabad, London

7: Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital of Japan placed on the southeastern side of the main island Honshu in the Kantō region, named as alpha+ world city. The third Most Liveable City has been considered as most vibrant city among other cities for being very secure, hygienic, fresh, art and cultural. Tokyo is home to Japan’s most of prestigious universities, architecture, buildings and volcanic islands including Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Bunkyo Civic Center and Roppongi Hills Mori Tower.


6: Rome

Rome is one of most beautiful capitals in the world, one of largest and most populous city in 2.9 million residents covering the area of 496.1 sq mi. The capital of Italy has been cited in central-western region of the Italian Peninsula and third most visited in European Union making it one of most popular tourist attraction in Italy. The archaeological hub has several dazzling and eye catching places which include Forum Romanum, Colosseum, Pantheon, Trajan’s Market, and other exceptional destination. Rome is also renowned all over world as famous fashion capital following its extensive line of luxury fashion houses and jewellery chains.


5: Paris

France capital and most populate city Paris has more than 2.5 inhabitants, became the major political, financial, commercial and scientific city of the state. The capital has very strong economy and managed thirty percent of total GDP of France while one of most visited tourist attraction having various notable architectural landmarks and natural locations. As per reports the 29.3 million people visited the world top ranked city in 2013 which major sites are Disneyland Paris, Louvre museum, Centre Georges-Pompidou  and Muséum national d’histoire naturelle.



4: Washington

Located along the Potomac River on East Coast of United State, the capital city Washington is twenty third most populous cities in the United States. Being the capital of superpower of America Washington has number of government owned landmarks and buildings like Anderson House, Christian Heurich Mansion, DAR Museum Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens and International Spy Museum, however, the whole list can’t be mentioned here. The city has been listed in top most beautiful capitals in the world for being more attractive, advanced, startling and eye-catching.


3: Berlin

Berlin is the capital and largest city of Germany for its massive population of nearly 3.5 million, hold second position in most populous cities in European Union. Berlin is primary continental hub for air and rail traffic having highly complex public transportation network. The city is becoming the most tourist attracted place by beating Rome and Paris in Europe following its fastest growing tourism activities to grab maximum people to visit the capital. Berlin is also well known for being more diverse and cultural and traditional city for contemporary arts and architecture.


2: Islamabad

The capital city of Pakistan Islamabad is also one of most beautiful capitals in Pakistan, for one of the most multi-ethnic and urban cities of Pakistan. The third largest in Pakistan located within the Islamabad Capital Territory with population of two million approximately while the city mostly resident of foreign diplomats, politicians and administration employees. The most developed city in Pakistan has several natural attractions such as Pakistan monument, Faisal Mosque, Parliament of Pakistan, and Rawal Lake View Park.


1: London

The leading global city London is the capital and most populous city of England and United Kingdom, considered as most advanced and prominent city for arts, commerce, entertainment, finance, learning, specialized services, research and development, and tourism. World cultural capital is home to wide range of people and cultures with more than three hundred spoken languages while most beautiful capital in thw world. Some of destination in extensive variety of attraction in London are Tower of London; Kew Gardens, Palace of Westminster, Greenwich, St Margaret’s Church and Westminster Abbey.


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  1. ehtesham says:

    bhai dubai ko bhul gye kya

  2. Alexandra Allan says:

    bullshit ! written by a Paki . . Islamabad is a bullshit capital ..

    • Sarah says:

      Casual racism using the word ‘Paki’; please educate yourself on how offensive racial slurs are and while you’re at it, maybe research Islamabad. It’s actually quite beautiful.

    • Shahzad Ali says:

      If a Pakistani had written it, why would he or she put Islamabad at number 2 and why not at number 1? Oh, I guess to make it more realistic! More realistic would have been 24th out 25. We would still have been happy to be at the number 24th position realising we have to accommodate all kind of “white trash” that is there outside who are quick to judge others and are not willing to appreciate beauty when seen through the lenses of their own ugliness.

    • Abdul Raheem says:

      Islamabad is given 2nd position by world ranking.Go and check on other sites.

    • Sondas Ali says:

      Hahaha … u r ass hole will be blast take it easy bastard.

    • Mastodon says:

      I am sure that you’ve never been to Islamabad. It’s actually very peaceful, green and a beautiful city. Check out the rate of Rapes and Murders in Your Capital and compare it with the stats from Islamabad. You’ll know which one is actually a BULLSHIT capital. You are a disgrace on the face of the earth. Educate yourself or Eat my DICK BITCH.

  3. Sam Axe says:

    LOOK AT ALL THE HATERS BARKING LOUD 😀 m a ISalamabadian only who have visited Islamabad can know this is true.

  4. Aaron Richards says:

    Looks like the voting was rigged. Islamabad? I tried to google some images but I only saw the same monument over and over again. Barely any pictures of normal streets and residential areas. Something’s fishy

    Oh, and if you look at the Paris entry and read: “France capital and most populate city Paris has more than 2.5 inhabitants”, you know the person writing this should still be in school instead of having a paid job allowing him to be a troll.

    • disqus_9fhZYKUgbw says:

      It’s written that way because it was originally written in another language and whoever reposted this article from “world ranking” put it through google translate or something similar that doesn’t actually translate it 100% properly. This article is posted on a lot of other sites but it’s origin is world ranking. .. That a side I guess your people’s reputation of being fascist bigots is true.

    • disqus_9fhZYKUgbw says:

      2ndly I wouldn’t expect your sheltered inbred fascist hick ass to know anything about anyplace outside your little shithole you come home. But guess which is the most dangerous Capitol in the world? DC is, where the murder rate should embarrass you. Islamabad is probably the most safest on this list. Facts not my opinion.

    • test qa says:

      talking about Most Beautiful capitals. not talking about streets. lol

  5. Kaushik Das says:

    where is Ankara, Vienna?

  6. aditya says:

    Wow !! Islamabad is more beautiful than Tokyo and Berlin ? Totally Bullshit !! #Chutiyapagiri lol

  7. Ejaz Ahmed says:

    why u people feel jaleous ??? Islamabad is a beautiful city. and it doesnt need any approval from ur type of narrow minded persons. we know our capital is beautiful and its enough.

  8. Ejaz Ahmed says:

    indian to is post se door hi rahen. kiun ke un ko buhat mirchen lag rahi hain

  9. raksaksa says:

    Hahaha! Bullshit list. The first clue is the English in the introduction. Neither the analytical methodology nor the resulting statistical data are shown. Furthermore, this list is repeatedly posted (verbatim) at other sites to enhance its so-called “authenticity”. Foolish.

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