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Top 10 Countries With Hottest And Most Beautiful Men In The World

The world is home to various people having different natural characteristics from one another, somewhere on the planet most affectionate people have been found while some places dominant with courageous and brave.

The distinctiveness vary from time to time and region to region mostly inherited from our god fathers by which some people are more social while some are keen to spend time alone.

Every group of people in world has unique qualities which are often not espoused, though it could be possible that someone own something by reading books and taking lectures but nature is nature which is absolute and inner person never die till the breath stop.

So this is all about the differences and by discussing these come to the point our topic countries having hottest and beautiful men in the world. Yes, this is quite interesting topic especially for women and surprise to know that men of various countries are attractive and handsome following their approach, drawl and talking style to others.

10: Canada

Canadians men are normally liberal, polite and social people, though individualistic following their basic cultural but often seen as balance and spending good quality of life. How a Canadian looks like? It is really anticipated question of reader so what about the example of Canadian actors who are just stunning and striking not only in style but their accent and lifestyle as well.

Numerous Canadians of varied ethnicities including French, European, African, Arab, West Indian and Haitian are set to prove that Canadian men are hottest and beautiful men in the world.


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9: Germany

Next comes to German men who are almost all notably tall, blond, invariably and very handsome with the bodies having fine physical specimens. Those women who are going meet full of such chunks will possibly make the catch because they are tremendously loving and caring instead.

One thing about these German guys must known to every woman who is thinking about to add them in a relationship that they often have harsh demeanor that tends to weaken somewhat when they’re in love or to show their dominance on them.


8: South Africa

Let to know about South African men that how they proved to be hottest and beautiful one on the planet, the first thing that is frequent about South Africans that they have quite relaxed social attitudes.

They met with other, either known or unknown person, with great love and if the next one is opposite gender than South Africa men didn’t forget to show their strong muscles. They have positive attitude towards everyone with considering their ethnicity, religion and culture and very popular for being powerful, brave and good nature.


7: Italy

Before moving forward to discuss Italian men if you know the actors like James Darren, Franco Nero, Riccardo Scamarcio, Robert De Niro and Marcello Mastroianni then it is quiet easy to understand the reason that why they have been added in the list of hottest and beautiful men in the world.

The best of them are murky, muscular, responsive, appealing, lighthearted, emotional, and elegant and of course so beautiful while on regular extent they have been proved very open and flirty like normal breath because it is their nature to be open with everyone especially the opposite gender.


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6: Spain

Spanish men proved to be more social people and keen to hang on with friends in hot parties and bars for going relax, now what about the qualitieis just that they are enough beautiful to grab attention of any women with no difficulty.

It is far from fact that Spanish aren’t know about how to love but in fact they are warm and very friendly to women and didn’t left their heartbeat without kissing them, though it may be on cheek but it is must thing following their generous and frank nature.


5: Greece

Greek men are best known for brown eyes and thick-dark hair, being friendly and courteous most a part, the most anticipated things a woman seeks in his man. Although, there are reservations about Greek men that they are unfaithful and often didn’t meet the promises they have with their loved ones but all things aside they really knew that how to look hot and handsome to attract the opposite gender.

Here we are discussing the hottest and beautiful men so it isn’t matter that what comes next in life of Greek men after being went to in a relationship but only how they be in that affiliation.


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4: United States

It is really witty to write about the hot nature of American men, if someone is familiar with Hollywood celebrities like Johnny Depp, Will Smith Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey, Jr, Liam Neeson and sexiest man Tom Cruise than it is useless to explain the thing behind to add American men in the list.

Well the main thing that really matters to be American is the attitude that leads to personality of men and no doubt Americans have grab this part of personality to became the hottest and beautiful one around the globe.


3: Japan

There are numerous words which truly described Japanese man such as polite, kind, punctual, intelligent, hard working, respectful, elegant, and refined and for most are being formal to others.

They shyness in making relationship are most prominent things most of women while physically Japanese are healthy and fit which is another reason of being hottest and most preferred men in the world. Being the technological advanced nation the intelligence also considered as one of influential and extreme factor of Japanese men to attract women.


2: Cuba

Cuban men tends to be more family oriented, noisy, big talkers and use their brains instead of what may not have any result but the things really matter for women is their thick brown hairs, dark eyes and skin.

The Cubans are most enjoyable people in the world and knew that what made then pleased and if they are hanging on with woman partner than it isn’t believe that she left him for reason of being Cuban. More warm and caring nature towards opposite gender made them hottest and beautiful men in the world.


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1: France

Being French is sufficient to be hottest and beautiful men in the world following their long history of being most romantic and handsome. The French are proved to be attitude oriented, passionate, somewhat conservative, striking appeal and known as flirty people all around globe.

Here is the difference from men of other countries that it is quite difficult that French men are on date with their loved ones in bar or club but the café is most appropriate place for them to commit themselves in a relationship.


  • Moonfairy

    No.3 …that’s Kim JaeJoong in the picture. He’s NOT Japanese

    • JVLE

      I know right thank you!!! He’s Korean someone needs to fix that either add Korea or put a Japanese guy.

  • Bozzy Lewis

    I do not think French men are the most beautiful in the world by any means. While all countries, races and nationalities have their beautiful and not so beautiful people, there are some that are better known for their beauty, (male and female). Asian men are not usually seen as very seductive and normally not most peoples types. Chinese and Korean men seem effeminate and not very sexy. Indian men are also not very appealing, however, Arab and Middle-Eastern men can be super sexy ! It all depends on subjective personal taste, too. European countries have their distinct look, like Nordic blondes or dark Mediterranean types. Italy is know for her sexy and alluring, tall, dark and handsome males and Sweden, for example, for her tall and leggy, blonde haired and blue-eyed sexy bomb-shell females. These are stereotypes, of course ! However, in this blog they missed Balkan men from countries like Albania and Turkey…..very hot !

  • Atanu Bhuyan

    Can’t believe they missed out Brazil, and Iran I think

  • DementedShaman

    Leonardo DiCaprio – Russian.

  • SaNa

    Well our Pakistani men like Fawad Khan and Imran Abbas are super super hot and handsome (Y).

  • Ventsislav Atanasov

    How can anyone measure beauty? It’s like saying Green is better than Blue. And U.S. A.? Really? U.S. American what? Irish American? African American? Asian American? Mexican American? I personally find all Middle Eastern men hot but we see none here. France and the entire Mediterranean are winners in my book.


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