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Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Politicians in the World

There is a time when women are not a definite part politics and men are considerably dominate the field but as time passes female are taking importance and becoming the part of every floor including politics as well.

If we talk about the present there are number of politicians serving in every country of the world and playing their essential roles following their amazing aptitude and abilities.

Now comes to main point same as other fields like acting, modeling, sports, forces there are numerous good-looking and charming female politicians in the world and to rank them is not much easy task but we have arranged top ten most beautiful female politicians in a list for you.

10: Orly Levy
Orly Levy was born 11 November 1973 is the daughter of ex Foreign Affairs Minister David Levy, who herself is also an Israeli politician. The member of the Knesset for Yisrael Beiteinu served as Deputy Speaker of the Knesset in her first term which also left Chair of the Committee on the Rights of the Child in early stages of her politics. She has been second on the Yisrael Beiteinu list while also added in the list of top most beautiful female politicians in the world for her attractive and gorgeous look.

9: Angela Gerekou
The Greek architect and politician Angela Gerekou is the Deputy Minister of Culture and Sport in the government Samaras. The stunning politician also did acting for some movies like The Girl of Mani while she took responsibility for Tourism in Government Minister George Papandreou in 2009. Angela has taken part in lot to architectural projects for the wider region and her work was a true addition to art work in the country. The blonde locks lady has been listed in top most beautiful female politicians in the world.

8: Nina Siakhali Moradi
Nina Siakhali Moradi is an Iranian politician who has really dazzling and striking appearance and named in the list of top most beautiful politician in the world. Nina has undoubtedly stunning and elegant look that once became the reason of her disqualification from Iranian council after taking nearly ten thousands votes. The female politician who is also an architect, membership has been cancelled for being too beautiful and good-looking in the council.

7: Alina Kabaeva
Alina Kabaeva nis another most beautiful lady Russian politician who is also Russia’s second most successful rhythmic gymnast. Born on 12 May 1983 Alina became the member of the Public Chamber of Russia after the retirement from successful gymnast career, represented United Russia party between 2007 and in Parliament. In Russian athlete joined board of directors of the National Media Group that is biggest Russian media corporation. Kabaeva has absolutely a most attractive and striking female enrolled in top most beautiful female politicians in the world.

6: Sethrida Geagea
The Lebanese politician Sethrida Geagea was born on May 15, 1967, has joined the politics in 1994 when Lebanese Forces Party had been dispersed. Geagea has fought for country till withdrew of Syrian forces from Lebanese along with her part fellows and succeeded to rebuilt the image of her party. The member of the Lebanese Maronite League has lot of social work in the state and successfully contributed for road safety in Lebanon. The stunning lady has been listed in the most beautiful female politicians in the world.

5: Eva Kaili
Eva Kaili is a European Parliamentarian from Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK), was born on 26 October 1978 while stepped in politics since 1992 when she was socialist Panhellenic Camp of Militant Students. She held position of President of the School of Architecture Students’ Association in 2001 and joined Hellenic Parliament as a member in 2004. Kaili also served Standing Committee on Cultural and Educational Affairs, Standing Committee on National Defense and Foreign Affairs as permanent member and has been elected as president of the Delegation for relations with the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in European elections.

4: Dimple Yadav
The Indian politician Dimple Yadav is affiliate with Samajwadi Party political party and elected first time from the Kannauj constituency to the Lok Sabha in 2012. Dimple Yadav is 44th person in Indian while fourth in the Utter Pradesh to be elected unopposed since independence of India. The Lok Sabha contestant is now also known as celebrity in her region, invited in parties or functions as special guest and considered as one of most beautiful and good looking female politician in the world.

3: Kashmala Tariq
Born of January 24, 1972 the Pakistani female politician Kashmala Tariq has served National Assembly of Pakistan, belonged to Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid-e-Azam). The human rights activist has did a lot for women and introduced many of women rights to secure the female in Pakistan who became victims of honor killings. L.L.M graduate from London School of Economics & Political Science is one of most active and vibrant politician in Pakistan whereas her attractive and elegant looks added her in the list of top beautiful female politicians in the world.

2: Mara Carfagna
Mara Carfagna is an Italian politician who joined politics in 2004 and later elected to the Chamber of Deputies affiliates with Forza Italia party after lot of work in television series and as model. Carfagna also acted as Minister for Equal Opportunity in Berlusconi IV Cabinet and named as one of most beautiful Italian minister. She has been ranked by famous magazine among top hottest female politicians while enrolled in our list as one of most beautiful female politicians in the world.

1: Vanja Hadzovic
Vanja Hadzovic is adviser in Serbia’s Foreign Ministry, made an appearance in several seductive photos published on social media accounts. Young Serbian diplomat is a real busty beauty from Serbia but despite of all these controversies Hadzovic has been a hardworking and passionate lady regarding her work. She also served as Vice President of the youth division of Serbia’s Socialist Party, has been named in the list of top most beautiful female politicians in the world.


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