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Top Ten Best Sunglasses Brands In The World

A sunglass is fashion accessory for both men and women which protect eyes from sun light including radiations and blue light which cause several damages to eyes. Healthcare professionals recommend eye protection through reliable sunglasses whenever sun comes out to protect eyes from serious problem due to ultraviolet radiation.

Sunglasses have also long been associated with the top rated celebrities and film personalities became the desired fashion accomplice when stepped out in public. There are number of brands are available in market which are offering variety of sunglasses such as Aviator, Oversized, Shutter Shades, Wayfarer and Wrap-around.

When it comes to most popular and best eye wear than few names must came to our because of their luxurious styles, pioneering designs and superior quality, the list of top ten best sunglasses brands is given below.

10: Burberry

The British luxury fashion house specializes in fashion accessories, sunglasses, fragrances and cosmetics, considered as one of best sunglasses brands and most valuable brands in the world. The luxury brand offer sophisticated designs having high quality and elegance becoming more comfortable and reliable ones among all other sunglasses brands. The attractive and appealing sunglasses have been loved by both male and female while it also has specialized products for each gender for which it became the preferred brand.


9: Dolce & Gabbana

Founded by Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana it is an Italian fashion house is one of most popular and sought after brand in the world offering quality products to their customers worldwide. The timeless and most updated products of Dolce & Gabbana also include sunglasses and corrective eyewear among other product lines all around the globe. The stylish and trendy sunglasses are equally popular in both men and women because of their designs and class which is truly incomparable to any other.


8: Versace

Versace is a fashion and lifestyle brand for up to date men and women who love alluring lavishness and unique personal style which can be easily distinguished from other brands because of well-designed and ultimate fashion-forward design. The Italian fashion company offers online purchase of stylish and luxurious selection of sunglasses both for men and women for which it has been added in the list of top best sunglasses brands in the world because of elegance and high quality material.


7: Prada

Prada is another most popular Italian luxury fashion house based in Milan, Italy founded by Mario Prada in 1913, became the leading fashion house in few decades because of esteem collection which offer lavish lifestyle and high-end living standards. The sunglasses of Prada are most popular luxury products for both men and women who love of buy them because of exceptional designs and elegance of eyewear. It is one of preferred brand among several others for those who love to wear fashionable products having up to date features and quality.


6: Armani

The italina fashion house Armani is founded by Giorgio Armani which served its products all around the world, considered as popular eyewear brands. The high-end products came from well known designers of Armani who made them expensive fashion accessories across the globe. The amazing styles and appealing designs have been offered in wide range known to be more comfortable with face and eyes because of high quality material and manufacturing added it among the best sunglasses brands in the world.


5: Gucci

One of most valuable and biggest selling Italian brand Gucci offers fashion and leathers goods, owned by French company Kering and headquartered in Florence, Italy. Gucci has several products lines but here we are considered the sunglasses for which it has became the most demanding and popular sunglasses brand in the world. It creative and innovative products completely fulfill the desires of men and women because of that it has been equally loved by both genders making world’s top rated fashion brands.


4: Fendi

The multinational luxury fashion brand Fendi offers sunglasses which can be easily distinguished by its undoubted grace and style of the Italian brand which purely aims to astound and mesmerize everyone’s attention. The Italian fashion house has esteemed collection of designer’s sunglasses which gave the feel of luxurious lifestyle and high profile living standards with its sophisticated style. Fendi became the best sunglasses brands for men and women all around the world because of its quality eyewear and classy compilation.


3: Maui Jim

The American-based sunglasses manufacturer Maui Jim based in Illinois, United States having most of products oceanic and Hawaiian theme because of their background in Hawaii. Maui Jim is specialized in only eyewear and then more deeply in sunglasses mostly used on beaches making it more popular sunglasses brand in the world because of fantastic making and excellent quality. The brands offer a wide range of sunglasses featuring different characteristics and designs including colors and lenses variation contrary to other brands offering such products.


2: Ray Ban

One of most popular and well known eyewear and sunglasses brand Ray Ban was founded by American company Bausch & Lomb in 1937. Ray Ban is best known for Wayfarer and Aviator styles of sunglasses while the brand offers wide range of specification with respect to design, material, lenses and style making it most preferred and reliable brands for buying sunglasses. The collection of Ray Ban has been considered to be more durable and long lasting because of quality material and high standard manufacturing.


1: Oakley

Based in Foothill Ranch, California Oakley specializes in sports equipment but also manufactures lifestyle accessory including sunglasses for which it has been considered as best sunglasses brand in the world. Oakley’s most of products have been manufactured by taking into consideration the hard conditions sportsmen may face during stay in field. The decent and attractive look of its designs and versatile collection made it most renowned brand in the market of sunglasses.


  • John

    Sad to see bad information in a respectable news company. This may have been correct if we are talking about popularity, but it is dead wrong if we are talking about quality. Popularity has nothing to do with quality, so this may as well be “The most popular sunglasses of′” article. The first problem is that all these brands but Maui Jim are all owned by the same company, Luxottica. Yes, even Ray Ban and Oakley. Now they are made in Italy and China. Quality is lacking in all these except for Maui Jim, which is the undisputed champion for quality lenses. Ray Ban was the first to benefit from movie product placements such as the famous Tom Cruise movie Risky Business, featuring the Wayfarers and other historical figures seen wearing them. Still nothing to do with quality. It could have easily been another brand chosen for the movie and would have been made just as famous. There’s another meme about the well known Oakley brand. It is touted as having the best impact resistant lenses. The truth is they are no better or worse than any other company out there. Impact resistant lenses are not a complicated or expensive technology. Oakley is just the best at marketing in this technology, as if the next manufacturers have no clue about this mysterious technology. It is also worth noting the type of person who buys Oakley, because they think they need and have bullet stopping lenses walking down the street. I should also mention all these special coatings Oakley touts are nothing but spray and bake coatings that can come off with a little wear or salt water. Not quality at all, not to mention their frame quality is dissapointing as well for the prices they charge.
    The best quality sunglass company is Maui Jim. Go to any professional sunglass store and they will tell you that. Sunglass Hut is hit and miss due to the fact they are owned by Luxottica. Maui jim has better quality frames and lenses as well. Their technology is not sprayed on, but integrated into the lenses in their production. MJ also uses other materials such as rare earth’s that give that amazing color enhancement that truly sets them apart. MJ sunglasses don’t just use a cheap grey tint to block sun, they actually have spent time in R&D to make them superior. The only weakness MJ has is in their sport line, where most people prefer the “Hey look at me!” frames and lenses. This is where Oakley dominates. MJ definately is after the more sophisticated crowd with more conserative but elegant styles.
    Another nearly as good option is the Kaenon sunglasses, with nearly as good lenses. These two brands are at the top of the quality tree, too bad they don’t have the fame as the other less deserving guys.

  • scarhill

    Having had many sunglasses, I find Revo, Maui Jim and Serengheti to be great sunglasses. I particularly like the Revo lens clarity, the Maui Jim cool factor and over all quality, and I find the Serenghetis to be best for driving.

    Raybans are just OK, they do not seem to last very long. I have had many problems with Oakleys, so many I have given up on the brand.

  • Awesome article, but when is anybody to create a list for the best replacement lenses in the world?
    We had several things to say about it..LOL!

  • Quis Separabit

    Yet REVO do not get a mention. 7 of the 10 listed are fashion sunglasses and offer little in the way of protection from the sun’s harmful rays. After over 15 years working in the Middle East and Asia, much of the time outdoors, if you want to protect your eyes look beyond fashion glasses.


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