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Top 10 Most Expensive Perfume Brands in the World

Perfume have keen importance in our lives which cannot be justified anymore, though, it depends on choice that what smell matter most to someone. Every individual has different preference following the nature of scent or perfume because it also shows the personality at somewhat.

Well, it is all about that perfumes are being played an essential part in our daily lives and left the great impression to others if the smell is striking and attractive.

There are various brands offering perfumes having distinctive nature of smell such as some people be fond of light variants while others may like solid aroma same as people keen to buy expensive brands following their preferences.

Here we arranged costly perfume brands all around the globe, the list of top ten most expensive perfume brands in the world in given below:

10: Hermes Perfumes

Founded in 1837 Hermes is a French luxury goods house that began perfume adventure with one of its greatest creation in the world of fragrances Eau d’Hermès in 1951. With the passage of time it owns the markets with its fantastic perfumes makings following its odor and style to which it has been composed. Some of its latest collection include Caleche Eau Delicate, Concentre d`Orange Verte, Eau de Gentiane Blanche, Eau de Narcisse Bleu and 24 Faubourg Chaine d’Ancre among 83 perfumes since 1951 to the present.

9: Joy Perfumes

Joy Perfumes presented by Jean Patouas ‘the world’s most expensive perfume at time of The Great Depression in 1929 and Jean Patou has only perfumes to survive in the economy. The alluring floral composition starts with fragrant jilt tuberose, ylang-ylang blossom, aldehydes, luscious rose, sweet and mouthwatering pear and green notes. The heart beats ardently in pure and fresh jasmine that seductive and balmy spicy darkened iris root making it most reliable one costing over $1600 for which it has been added in the list of top most expensive perfumes in the world.

8: Chanel Perfumes

The fashion house of Chanel founded in 1910 took start with fashion clothes for women like pants and little black dress and gained prominence all over world. The high end brand has created revolution in perfume industry and introduced iconic Chanel N°5 becoming worldwide bestseller following continuous advertisement and endorsement campaigns. Chanel has 67 perfumes from its earliest fragrance in 1920 and latest one in which costs nearly $2300.

7: Ralph Lauren Perfumes

Ralph Lauren is an American fashion designer known for his popular Polo line founded in 1967, teamed up with L’oreal to introduce fragrances and made first men’s scent Polo and women’s perfume Lauren in 1978. Ralph Lauren has 56 perfumes in this product line including Harry Fremont, Yves Cassar, Richard Honorine Blanc, Herpin, Olivier Gillotin, Alberto Morillas, Pierre Negrin and Carlos Benaim among several others. The price of most expensive perfume brands that has sensational and dazzling fragrance to grab attention of any person within no time ranges up to $3500.

6: Caron Perfumes

Founded by Ernest Daltroff the renowned French perfume house Caron is story of secret love that began in 1904 continued with some of most pioneering and adored perfumes. Taking start from Narcisse Noir in 1911 the Caron Perfumes has been added 54 fragrances to its exclusive line that prices up to $2100 for which it has been enrolled in the list of top most expensive perfumes in the world. Caron collection contains Caron Dominique Ropion, Delire de Roses, Ernest Daltroff, L`Anarchiste, Richard Fraysse, Gerard Lefort, Montaigne, Michel Morsetti and Vincent Marcello.

5: Clive Christian Perfumes

Established in 1999 Clive Christian Perfumes brought thousand year traditional luxurious fragrances and became a legendary icon in British Empire following its lavish style product lines. The unique ranges of perfumes offered in various smells like cardamom, jasmine, lemon, bergamot, carnation and benzoin, has seventeen perfumes with earliest edition in 1872 moving to present. The fragrances include 1872 for Women, No. 1, X for Men & Women, C for Men & Women, L for Men & Women and V for Men & Women.

4: Annick Goutal Perfumes

Annick Goutal is another expensive collection of perfumes in the world launch her first fragrance in 1980s, discovered by pianist and model Annick Goutal. Her daughter continued the work after death of her mother introduced 51 perfumes following its earliest edition which was created in 1980 and latest one in present time. Ambre Fétiche, Des Lys, Eau d’Hadrien, Eau de Camille, Eau de Ciel Eau de Toilette, Eau de Monsieur and Les Nuits d’Hadrien are some of frangrances among innovative creations.

3: Jar Perfumes

Jar perfumes hold truly unique collection of fragrances considered to be untainted and substantially complex at the same time, the delicious and perfectly fragrance added it to esteemed collection of the world. The Niche perfume house founded by a jeweler Joel Arthur Rosenthal offers eight perfumes of different fragrances for both men and women, started from 2001 to its latest fine perfume came in 2011 such as Bed of Roses, Bolt of Lightning, Diamond Water, Ferme tes Yeux, and Shadow.

2: Baccarat Perfumes

Located in France Baccarat is one of most famous house that renowned for manufacturing fine, luxury crystal launched a limited edition perfume called Rouge 540 at its 250th birthday in. Francis Kurkdjian floral-woody-amber composition is luminous, dense, transparent and intense at same time while the brand has only one perfume in its fragrance line and the bottle of perfume in available in 3000 Euros making it one of most expensive perfume in the world.

1: Shalini Perfumes

Based in United States Shalini Perfumes is top ranked fragrance in the world which is also one of expensive perfume all around globe. Shalini by Shalini is a floral perfume only for women and nose behind the fine smell is Maurice Roucel having composition of neroli, tuberose and tiare flower while other notes include sandalwood and musk. The only perfume by Shalini brand priced around $4900 for 2 oz bottle becoming most sensational and desired by female on the planet.

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