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Top 10 Most Expensive Furniture Brands in the World

To make house more attractive and beautiful that mesmerize the guests can be decorated with elegant and remarkable furniture through most expensive furniture brands in the world.

If a massive sum can be spent on house then why not top expensive furniture to decorate the inside making it more captivating and appealing. The fact is that everyone has the desire to make his residence more comfortable and cozy because that is the only place where mostly people have to spend their whole life.

There are number of expensive furniture brands are present in the world with respect to their origin and history while versatility, exclusiveness are also some of reason to make them more costly. Here we have enlisted top 10 most expensive brands in the world for you.

10: French Heritage

French Heritage is a fashion forward high-end furniture manufacturing company known for beautifully crafted quality home French styled furnishings which offers a modern mix of many French inspired styles to enliven the thoughts. It has been considered as one of most expensive furniture brands in the world which has inspired by French fashion architectural accents and romantic allure of Parisian avenues. It offers well crafted, unique furnishings that capture the blend of all cultures with beautiful handcrafted European made furniture with hand rubbed finishes on the finest hardwood from generations of expertise.

9: Christopher Guy

Christopher Guy is a well known and one of most expensive furniture brands in world which specializes in decorative mirrors along with wide range of wood equipment including chairs, dining tables, sofas and office furniture. Christopher Guy designs reflect mood and class which are considered to be simpler and sophisticated enough to create versatile themes and styles to furnish the houses. It offers contemporary mood and values in its creations to provide world’s most fabulous lifestyle through its exclusive and exceptional designs.

8: Henkel Harris

America’s finest furniture brand which has renowned all around the world Henkel Harris has founded after Second World War when Carroll Henkel started furniture business with his friend. Working for hours a day and for years earned experience to make the timeless Henkel Harris acclaimed creations that stand among the top most expensive furniture brand in world because of its high clarity, durability, and overall quality. Currently, Henkel Harris has a wide catalogue that contains variety of offering including bedroom, dining, executive and occasional furniture.

7: Fendi Casa

Since, 1989 Fendi Casa has manufacturing the prestigious design objects that combine exclusivity and glamour, a passion for experimentation and creativity that ended up with unique and elegant furniture for which it has been added in the list of top most expensive furniture brand in the world. The persistent quest of materials and excellence in craftsmanship make the collection of Fendi Casa more exceptional having excellence and innovative design. The collection contains a large variety of home furnishings, decorative lighting and accessories while all of creations are mostly handcrafted by Italian artisans.

6: Kartell

Kartell is one of symbols of Italian design around the world that has been founded in 1949 by Giulio Castelli, the leading furniture company is currently owned and operated by Claudio Luti. Kartell has made collaboration with most prestigious international designers to make products more appealing and mesmerizing while its collections became unique pieces through color, transparency, and unique shapes. It has been added in the list of most expensive furniture brands in the world while its products are recognizable all around the globe because of durability and endless quality.

5: Boca do Lobo

Boca do Lobo combines the past with present through technology by making masterpieces which have ability to evoke emotions through its exclusiveness and sensational collection. The contemporary designs of Boca do Lobo is all about modern lifestyle and high-end living standards that gave luxurious experience to its users and captivate the attention of guests in quite well manner. Boca do Lobo is one of most expensive furniture brand in the world which presents a wide range of home and office décor with all of accessories to make them more impressive and incredible.

4: Poliform

Poliform is a leading Italian furniture brand which offers a wide range of products including wardrobe and library system along with decorative collections like sofas, armchairs, beds and occasional furniture. It has been making the masterpieces since forty years to furnish the houses with its esteemed products and creations to mesmerize the people coming to the home. The Italian luxury modern furniture brand provides high-quality furniture and kitchen setting with customs cabinetry closets making it one of most expensive furniture brands in the world.


EDRA is the synonyms of creativity which has established it as leader of change with amazing and astonishing designs and high quality products following latest fashions and trends. It has considered as reference point of modern world and new designs, the intersection of modern technology and artistic traditions. EDRA catalogue contains well crafted unique and flawless range of furniture to cover every field of life from environment to nature and comfortable bed to home along with executive offerings, added among the most expensive furniture brands in the world.

2: Henredon

Henredon is one of the best American brand which manufactures elite luxury wood work for homes including beds, chairs and other accessories becoming one of leading and most expensive furniture brand in the world. The upholstery designs and handcrafted furniture speaks the detail work on every piece of wood for which it stand among unique and exclusive home furniture furnishing not only in United States but all around the world. It has been considered as the leader of designing and manufacturing some of finest masterpieces by its talented and skillful artisans.

1: Restoration Hardware

The American home-furnishing company Restoration Hardware was founded in 1979 in California which operated in United States and Canada through 18 outlets in the States. One of fastest growing and most innovative luxury brands in the home furnishings Restoration Hardware operated a total of 59 galleries including specialized furniture for babies and children. Restoration Hardware is one of expensive furniture brand in the world which positioned as a lifestyle brand and design authority that offers dominant and innovative products.


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