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Top 10 Most Expensive Vacation Destinations in the World

There are number of beautiful and amazing destination in the world to spend vacation but hold on here we are talking about most expensive vacation destination instead of preferring historical and stunning places to visit. World’s most expensive destinations for vacation may not among the most visited and popular tourists attraction but these have their own charm and beauty and people take the experience of lavishness and elegance at these sites.

To enjoy the luxurious lifestyle these places are considered to be most preferred and favorite among numerous other because of their living standards and exclusive offering for visitors to make their time memorable. The list of top most expensive destination in the world is given below for you:

10: Paris
The capital and most populous city of France Paris is one of most expensive vacation destination in the world which has several notable architectural landmarks including Notre Dame Cathedral, Sainte-Chapelle, Eiffel Tower and Basilica of Sacré-Cœur on Montmartre making it one of most popular tourist’s destinations all around the globe. Paris is one of largest city in western world and one important centre of finance, commerce, fashion, science and other industries for which it has great importance in the world.

9: Fiji
The island country in Melanesia in the South Pacific Ocean Fiji is an archipelago of more than 332 islands which is home to endless beauty having panoramic views and beautiful sites to visit added in the list of most expensive destinations in the world. Fiji is considered to be most developed region in the Pacific with respect to its economy because of abundance of forest, mineral, and fish resources. It stands among the visited tourists destination for home to various popular sites including Nadi, Coral Coast, Denarau Island and Mamanuca Islands among others.

8: New York City
The most populous city in the United States New York City is one of powerful city and influential city in the world which has has been described as the cultural and financial capital of the world. The most expensive destination in the world has situated on the world’s largest natural harbors, has several well known landmarks and historical places making it one of most visited destination in the world. It is the major centre of the world’s entertainment industry ranked among the most photographed city in the world.

7: British Virgin Islands
The British overseas territory located in the Caribbean to the east of Puerto Rico British Virgin Islands has been enrolled in the list of most expensive destinations in the world due to luxurious and lavish way of life it offers to its guests against high cost. The British Virgin Islands enjoy a tropical climate making it very popular and preferred destination of not only United States but all around the world and people keen to visit the place to take the lavish and unforgettable experience of the world’s greatest sailing destination.

6: Bora Bora
A major international tourist destination Bora Bora is famous for its aqua-centric luxury resorts and elite services offered to its visitors for which it also enlist in top expensive vacations destinations in the world. It is home to numerous breathtaking and beautiful sites offering various activities to its visitors including Snorkeling and scuba diving making it most popular tourist’s attraction around the globe. People from all over the world keen to visit the place because of its popularity in the world and despite of being expensive one it stand among the top visited destinations.

5: Seychelles
The archipelago in the Indian Ocean Seychelles is another most expensive tourist’s destination to spend vacation with family and take an unbelievable experience for the whole life. It is often that Seychelles must visit at once in the life because of its timeless beauty which made it renowned and popular destination in the world while its climate also suits every type of visitor and tourists didn’t forget to add this in their list when planning for visit of this region.

4: Tuscany
One of best thing about Tuscany is its more than 120 nature reserves which became the reason to attract million of tourists from the world making it popular tourist destination. Being the most expensive tourist destination in the world Tuscany offers exclusive thing to its visitor including elite living standards, classy services and most striking activities which made the tour memorable. Great natural and architectural beauty spread around the cities of Tuscany making the whole country attractive and eye-catching place.

3: Dubai
Located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates which has emerged as a global city and considered as business hub of the Middle East. It has stand among the visited place through many innovative large construction projects, sports events and having several skyscrapers and high-rise buildings even world’s tallest buildings. One of most expensive city in Middle East and also in the world it has been ranked among the most expensive vacations destination.

2: Musha Cay
The privately owned island in the southern Bahamas Musha Cay is among most expensive destination for vacation all around the planet because of its highly expensive tour offering in the world. Musha Cay is surrounded by three smaller islands which help to maintain its guests’ privacy making it one of preferred destination for those who spend little time by cutting themselves off from the world. Musha Cay has great beauty and attraction and despite of being not most popular it has numerous visitors annually.

1: Oslo
The capital and the most populous city in Norway Oslo is considered a global city and ranked as Beta World City following its quality of life among other European large cities. The second most expensive city in the world with respect to living expenses it stands among most expensive vacation destinations in the world because of stay in the city. One of fastest growing major city in Europe has number of tourists each year to visit the landmarks and historical sites of the city making it one of popular tourists attraction.


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