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Top Ten Most Powerful Countries in the World

When it comes to talk about that which country is so powerful so it would be so much difficult to explain about it without any estimation, but how we can measure the power of any country?

SO, answer is that it’s all about the gross domestic product calls (GDP), but what is GPD? It is one the primary indicators used to measure the health of a country’s economy.

Nevertheless, every country has its GPD and our list Top Ten Most Powerful Countries in the World is squeeze of gross domestic product which acquired after a long time assessment.

I hope you all will certainly agree with our outcomes and those countries tagged in this list. Let me clear you that our outcomes are hundred percent squeeze of Global Presence Index.

10: Russia

Russia was recognized ‘Superpower’ as beat rival countries badly in the World War II coalition of China, United States, United Kingdom and others. During the period of Soviet in 20th century, Russians showed massive skills in fields as the most significant technological achievements and named title of the world’s first human-made satellite and the first man in space. Russia has strong GPD of US $ 1,175,996 million and hence ranked in our list of Top Ten Most Powerful Countries in the World.


9: Italy

Italy comes out the 4th most populous EU member state as well appears the third largest economy in the Euro-zone. The country also identified the eighth-largest in the world– Kingdom of Italy has been improving its industry rapidly from the 19th century to the early 20th century and until now, remained successful to gain a colonial empire as well becoming a Great Power. Italy was coalition of France, United Kingdom and others in the World War I and named victory, while suffered economic and social crisis, which became the reason of the Fascist dictatorship’s establishment in 1922. Nowadays, Italy remained successful to create its strong recognition economically worldwide with its US $1,842,835 million GPD rate.


8: Brazil

The member of a group known as ‘Brazil, Russia, India and China’ (BRIC), has been appearing since 2010 world’s one of the fastest growing major economies and its economic reforms assigning the nation strong and well-developed country internationally. Being a fastest developer, Brazil has US $1,903,934 million Gross Domestic Product, this why it comes on eighth position in our Top Ten Most Powerful Countries in the World. Brazil also has been identifying for production of coffee in the world at large scale for the previous 150 years.


7: India

South Asian country India that considers seventh-largest country by area and the second-most populous country with more than 1.2 billion people. Decade ago, India suffered low economics but since some years, India has been making strong its strength and hence raising day by day with its good Gross Domestic Product, while along with review raised with number of $7.997 trillion. The India’s subcontinent was recognized with commercial and cultural wealth, when it comes to talk about its economy, identifies a third-largest by purchasing power parity.


6: France

The country known as a sovereign state consist of territory in Western Europe as well several overseas regions and territories and has been a large number of influential artists, scientists, well-thinkers and considers a prominent global center of culture. The country also appears as strong in terms of it economy as it has Gross Domestic Product of $4.843 trillion (2015 survey). The country covers 640,679 square kilometers (247,368 sq mi) as well contains a population of 66.6 million. Having a good GPD rate comes on third rank in our list of Top Ten Most Powerful Countries in the World.


5: United Kingdom

The world’s 22nd-most populous country United Kingdom which is still running under the constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system, has strong Gross Domestic Product of US $2,853,357 million and hence it known as high-income economy and is classified as very high in the Human Development Index. In period of 19th and early 20th, UK was considered the world’s first industrialized country and the world’s foremost power nation. The United Kingdom also named a title of a world superpower as defeated Germany badly in World War II with help of its unique technology.


4: Germany

Germany appears as a great power because has the world’s fourth-largest economy by Gross Domestic Product of US $ 3,413,483 million and also titled the fifth-largest as a result of PPP. Germany has been appearing as third-largest exporter worldwide for years. The nation has been identifying as strongest or most powerful by battling with enemies in World War I and II. A very high standard of living, a universal health care system, and a comprehensive social security made Germany well-developed all around the world.


3: Japan

East Asian country Japan that situated in the Pacific Ocean, known as a composite volcano archipelago of 6,852 islands, capital Tokyo and other provinces have largest metropolitan area with more than 35 million residents and known as the world’s largest urban agglomeration economy. In terms of its gross domestic product, has US $ 4,210,363 million according to assessment. Being a well-developed nation, its citizens are enjoying the highest life expectancy worldwide and the third lowest infant mortality rate. Japan appears as a great power all around the world as well named the title of world’s third-largest economy.


2: China

Sovereign state in East Asia that officially known as People’s Republic of China (PRC) and considers most populous country in this world with its population of more than 1.35 billion. The country is considered cradle of civilization worldwide as well strongest nation and according to assessment it has Gross Domestic Product of US $ 11,211,928 million, reason why China tagged on second rank in our Top Ten Most Powerful Countries in the World.


1: United States

World’s most powerful country United States (US) also known as United States of America— is a federal republic which contains 50 states and a federal district. In terms of population, America comes on third position worldwide with its population estimation of 321,163,157. United States emerges on first rank in our Top Ten Most Powerful Countries in the World with its GPD of US $ 18,124,731 million (2015). The US has named a global superpower since World War II, developing nuclear weapons and better known for its technological, economic and military acts.


  • Audomarus Fridia

    whyturkey isn’t in this list

    • antonello

      because turkey is a wild country ! They are bad people friend of ISIS terrorist! out from NATO and Europe !

      • Vilnur Aslan

        Hiçbir millet TÜRKİYE’ye kafa tutacak kadar cesur değildir.OSMANLI bizim geçmişimizdir ve biz OSMANLI’nın torunlarıyız. ↘⬇↙

      • Caner Kılıç

        Dont say any bad thing about turkish ppl, we are not friend of isis and NEVER be!! isis members are MURDER. they are NOT muslim… just problem due to recep tayip erdogan’s bad ideas (turkish president) he is a REAL dictator,. he is same member of isis in my eyes.. and in eyes a lot of turkish ppl.. so dont wrong recognize the turkish ppl..

  • भारतवंशी

    How come russia at #10, it should be #2 n how come india at #7, it should be around #4 or #5

    • Vijay

      Brother go don’t nationalist point of view or indian media point views.Values or Check Facts & Results.And them value. I’m also indian

      • Mojo Jojo

        Yes, you’re right. There are still some areas remaining in which we need to improve upon. But on the positive note we are developing at very fast pace.

      • भारतवंशी

        Its nt about nationalist point of view, its just that, i dnt think uk or germany could challenge india in terms of millitary, there military is just a small fraction of ours, moreover, germany, japan etc. Are nt even nuclear powers, though there millitary hardware might be a bit superior to us. N also, this one is the first such list where ive seen india so down below, in most its at #4 or #5

        Secondly, putting russia at #7 is even more abrupt, how come uk, france, japan, china, india, even italy n brazil! Be more powerful than Russia?
        Afterall, We all did see crimea last year.

        Srry fr my bad english at places, afteral its nt my mothertongue, my first lang is hindi so….

  • Tns Tnns

    ahahahahaha Russia – Nuclear triad with OVER 5K nuclerar missiles NUMBER 10 HAHAHAH OK :DD

    • Sam Dixon

      How does having 5k nuclear missiles that they will never use make Russia (going broke quick at $30 per barrel) powerful?

  • MikeM

    Russia number 10. Funniest joke of the century. That’s the only country the US dreads to cross

    • Ace

      Please nobody is scared of Russia lol if Russia was so powerful, why havent they declared war with the US?

      • Jester Arse

        Why would they declare war ? If they do then it will be because of the West.

        • Ace

          Bro that shit was 8 months ago lol

  • Moss Quito

    The USA at number 1..they are 50 states that can barely agree on anything. If we count the EU as one Federal statehood..then it outstrips US.
    Though it will not be too long before China and India are 1 and 2.

    • dylan roosma

      that could not be more incorrect…yes the US has 50 states, yes they dont agree alot, but in no way does that relate to the military…each state doesnt have its own military and could not decide to go to war with another country on its own…..yes the EU is made up of 29 countries, but if one country goes to war with another country outside of the EU, the rest of the 28 countries do not have to join in… yah the US is still number one in terms of their military and will continue to be number 1 for decades to come simply because they are the only country that has the power to project force around the can only do that with a large navy, and no other country even comes close to the US navy

      • Joseph Stalin

        The thing is, the U.K. Can also project power around the world. The U.K. Is the strongest in terms of soft power, and if the EU army is formed soon it would surpass the US. The US navy is large yes, but some are larger or in par with it.

        • Wesson Smith

          So much for your EU army. BREXIT.

  • I hope to see Brazil in the first someday soon, we’re rising too fast for a country that was so stolen in the past.

  • anwar

    India will be no 1 just wait & watch..

    • Ace

      Nope. Never. Not even close. Sorry. US #1.


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