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Top 10 Most Popular And Best Internet Search Engines in the World

An internet search internet can be described as the software system designed to search for information on the World Wide Web including web pages, images and all type of data available on web related to search query.

There are number of internet search engines available for finding queries in which some of considered as specified to region, data, information, language and users. Here we are talking about the best search engines so we consider the only which are most popular and widely used all over the world having fully customized setting with respect to area and information with massive unique users and pages per view.

These search engines are often ranked by different websites and corporation following these characteristics which have been discussed above. Here we have enrolled top ten best web search engines in the world; the list is given below for you.

10: Yandex

Yandex Search is one best internet search engine in the world which is owned by Russian based Internet Company Yandex which has 60% market share in Russia and considered as top ranked search engine in the country with respect to information. According to latest statistics Yandex has more than 50.5 million visitors on daily basis and to solve their queries is company’s mission explicit or implicit. The home page has been rated most popular website in Russia which also operates in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Turkey.

9: Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Research developed Wolfram Alphais a computational online search engine which answers factual queries by computing answer from externally sourced data. Released on May 18, 2009 Wolfram Alpha is one of best online search engine that has been among the popular search platform having computer algebra, numerical and symbolic computation, visualization, and statistics capabilities to interpret answers of respected queries. Wolfram Alpha Pro is the advanced search engine which has ben released on February 8, 2012 having additional features and capabilities tabular data, images, audio, video, XML, and many of specialized scientific and mathematical formats.

8: DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is web based search engine which is quite different from other search engine when going to answer the query, the search engine didn’t relate users’ privacy with information and provide the best information from the best sources from key crowd sourced sites such as Wikipedia instead of providing raw data against the search. DuckDuckGo can be described as one of best and most reliable search engines on the world and included by several search browsers as optional search engine while its new version also launched in last year which gave result in more refined manner with several additional features.

7: Blekko

Blekko, trademarked blekko, is online search engine that stand among the best and popular search engines around the globe having million of daily users and pages per view. IBM (International Business Machines) acquired the search engine in March of this year which features include search engine optimization statistics, linking pages, IP address lookup, tagging of pages, comparing sites, and crawl statistics among others. The search engine also offers a downloadable browser toolbar which automatically default search and home page of user’s browsers, allow users a wide search on all topic because of having massive data sources.

6: AOL

AOL is an internet search engine owned by American multinational mass media corporation based in New York which deals in technology and offer other products, content and services around their wide business span. The internet suite AOL has web browser, a media player and an instant messenger client which has been added among the best web search engine across the globe. AOL offers web results from Google and other combined multimedia sources and various partners from the servers to answer queries of what users search on the internet to gain information.


The internet search engine was founded in 1995 by Garrett Gruener which currently headquartered in California, United States. The question answering-focused initially used outsources web search technology which now have more than 100 million global users per month while it has 2 million downloads of its flagship mobile app. is considered as one of most popular and best search engines in the world and if no proper sources has been available for search information that it outsourced the third part search which are widely used all over the world like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

4: Yahoo

Yahoo Search is a web search engine owned by American multinational technology company Yahoo which is headquartered in California, United States. The third popular web search engine in the United States with respect to query volume Yahoo Search is among the best internet search engines on the planet. Yahoo Search indexed web pages including most of other formats like PDF, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint, Word documents against the search results by users. It also allows selection based search optional to its users who can enable or disable the options when needed while its search results have been considered as more reliable ones.

3: Baidu

Chinese web Services Company Baidu is another most popular and best web based search engine which offers Chinese language-search engine for websites, audio files and images founded in January 1, 2000. Baidu is considered to be widely used search engine in China which provided the index of more than 740 million web pages 80 million images, and 10 million multimedia files along with multimedia content like music and movies in different formats. The registered users are allowed to edit and replace any information present on the web engine and have been maintained under Chinese laws of internet search and information.

2: Bing

Microsoft developed web search engine Bing is the widely recognized and used search engine all around the world which users have been drastically increased in last few years and have been developing with passage of time. One of best web search engine Bing provide various features to its users including interface updating, media based features, local information, Hotmail and Facebook integration, Apple and Windows 8 integration, multilingual and instant answering are some of exceptional thing for which most of people love to use it and ranked it among the top search engines in the world.

1: Google

The most popular, widely used and dominant search engine all around the world Google market share is up to 65.6% which indexes billions of pages all times of all type including HTML, Docs, PDF, XML, MP3, MP4, audio, video and almost all kind of multimedia files exist on the extensively used search engine. Google has undoubtedly added in the list of top best internet search engines in the world because of its reliability, extensive sourcing, quick answering and responding queries in quite well manner with massive information. It also offers various features like Gmail, maps, docs, translate news and scholar for more refined search in specialized category.

  • John James

    I am actually quite shocked why Gopit Search Engine isn’t listed on here. I think it’s one of the better search engines out there. It also has a pretty awesome app…


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