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Top 10 Most Visited Cities of the World

1. London: 18.82 million international visitors

The most popular and crowded and the capital city of Great Britain is ranked at the top in the list of most visited cities of the world. The wealthiest city of the United Kingdom emerged as the most significant and attractive city of the world during the 2nd World War. London is most wanted destination for the people from all over the world and their first priority to visit London because of its desired location such as the Buckingham Palace, London Eye, the Tower Bride and the world Big-Ben clock Tower.
The city which hosts the most numbers of world billionaire who loves to stay there because of its relaxing environment. The city also has the best educational institutions and the offers the finest health care facilities. The annual international visitors to the world famous city is more than 18.82 million which is enough to rank the city at No. 1 in the list of top 10 most visited cities of the world.

2. Bangkok: 18.24 million international visitors

Bangkok is included the top tourist destination cities of the world. The MasterCard place the Bangkok city as the most global destination of the international tourists; as the city global destination city index is count of 18.24 in the one year. The capital city of Thailand is also ranked at No. 4 in the cross border spending and generating the US $ 14.3 billion in one year. The city was also named in the list of “World Best City” by the Travel & Leisure magazines for consecutive four years.
Bangkok is the main gateway to for the majority of the international visitors in to the Thailand. The domestic tourists are also count in the most prominent in figures. Thai department of tourist recorded the approximately 27 million local visitors from other cities of the country and the 11.1 million international visitors. The lodgings of the tourist are count for 15 million guests it almost occupied the half city hotels of the city approximately 86,000 rooms.

3. Paris: 16.06 million international Visitors

Paris is the best-looking city not only for the France but all over the world and consider as the most loving place of the world as you land in the capital city as its brings you the best romantic moments. Paris is the most eye catching city of France, as it was not looking good during the rise and fall of Roman Empire and during the 2nd World War. Now the Paris has famous for its strongest recognition worldwide because of the most beautiful and attractive destination such as the Eiffel Tower which is the most popular place in all over the world.
This city is the heart of France and a place where the fashion starts the clothing business and the tourisms are the major reason for Paris to makes its standard at high level. The Paris city has annual visitors of 16.06 million and secures the position at No. 3 in the list of top 10 most visited cities of the world.

4. Dubai: 14.26 million international Visitors

Dubai is the most densely inhabited and capital city of the United Arab Emirates and it is placed on the southeast shore of the Persian Gulf. Tourism and entertainment is the most vital part of the City development and the Strategy of the Dubai government to maintain the steady inflow of cash into their emirate form all over the world. Dubai is mainly based for the tourist shopping but the city also possessed the several other modern and ancient attractions for the visitors.
The Mall of Dubai is the one of the largest Mall of the World by area and the eighteenth largest in terms of the retail space. The Dubai Creek which splits the Deira from the Bur Dubai and played a most critical role in the economical activities and development of the city. The Dubai city also host the Expo 2020 which they greatly welcome and won the rights to host the event in 2013. The Burj Khalifa tower is also located in the Dubai which is the one of the tallest building of the world.

5. Istanbul: 12.56 million international Visitors

Istanbul is the most populous city of Turkey and historically known as the Constantinople and centre of history, culture and the country’s economy. The city was historically known as the cultural hub of the world but the culture scene stagnated when the government shifted their focus toward Ankara city. The newly established government develop programs to served the familiarize Turks in the musical tradition specially the peoples who are originating in Europe.
The city is full of numerous shopping malls from the historic era to the modern era. The one of the oldest and most crowded “Grand Bazaar” which was operating since 1461. The Mahmutpasha Bazzar is the extended open air market between the Egyptian Bazzar and the Grand Bazzar. The city is also famous for the historical restaurants of seafood and several of the city most upscale and most popular seafood restaurants are located on the line shores of the Bosphorus.

6. New York City: 12.27 million Visitors

The most historical and populated city of the USA which remains too busy at the day and at night the city offers the lot of enjoyment and fun to its guests. The New York City is stands for its finance, publishing and the biggest real estate industry. The city also has the world finest colleges and universities, hospitals and lot of famous places like the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, The Empire State Building, The Brooklyn Bridge.
The city which goes several changes for several decades and showed better in departments such as the research, art and fashion, finance, commerce, media and entertainment, technology and education. The New York City has the international visitors of 12.27 million from all over the world and places the city at No. 6 in the list of top 10 most visited cities of the world.

7. Singapore: 11.88 international visitors

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The city which is also referred as the Garden City, Lion City and the Red Dot is also the international city and the sovereign state in the Southeast Asian and only Island city of the worlds. The city host the most diverse ethnic and cultural people from all over the world as it has several religions, languages and cultures for at-least a diverse country itself.
The Dining and the shopping is the country’s nationwide pastime and the strong focus on the food and restaurants led the tourists such as from Australia to visit the most with the food based itineraries. The diverse range and availability of the food is touted the strongest reason of the foreigners to visit the place. Singapore is also famous for it’s portray as the centre of cultural inheritance and the arts and it is recognized as the gateway between the east and west.

8. Kuala Lumpur: 11.12 million internationals visitors

Kuala Lumpur is the most populous and capital city of Malaysia. The great Kuala Lumpur has covering the same area like the urban agglomeration and the Klang Velley and included in the fastest growing metropolitan cities in the region of East Asia. The tourism in this city has play a key role in the city development and the economy. The worldwide large hotel chains exist in the city such as the Hotel Majestic which is oldest hotel in Kuala Lumpur.
The best attraction reason for the tourist is the diverse city culture, the wide gastronomic and the shopping alternative which are relatively at low costs. The most attractive destination for the tourist is the House of Parliament, the Merdeka Square, National Palaxe and the Petaling Street. Almost 11.12 million international tourist visit the Kuala Lumpur which rank this city at No. 8 in the list of top 10 most visited cities of the World.

9. Seoul: 10.35 million international visitors

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Seoul is the South Korea capital city and the second largest metropolitan in terms of area with its population raises to 26 million. The oldest existing city faces the enormous losses in the Second World War and in the Korean War. The best attraction places of the city are the Namsan Park, Korean War Memorial, the N Seoul Tower and the Changdeokgung Palace. Regardless of the city population the city has the most quantity of parks; the most famous is the Namsan Park.
Seoul is also the leading city of tourism from all over the globe with the beautiful locations to go with the great climatic conditions. The city is also ranked at top because of its industries such as the textile, electronics, steel and the iron production. The Soul city has the annual visitor of 10.35 million and helps the city to rank at the No. 9 in the list of top 10 most visited cities of the world.

10. Hong Kong: 8.66 million international visitors

Hong Kong is the autonomous territory and the Special Administrative Region of the Republic of China on the Asian Pacific. The city is the most significant financial centers of the world and included in the world highest Financial Index score and also ranked in the most competitive economy of the world. The city also visited by the most and the city service department has dominated the more in the economy and the free trade, low tax system.
The international Airport of Hong Kong is the best airport gateway and the best logistic hub in the Asia and serving 47 million passengers. Hong Kong is also been called a destination where the “East meets the West” and reflecting the cultural heritage mix of the Chinese roots.


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