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Iran continue surprises: topped educated parliaments of the world

Parliament is basically federal and supreme legislative body, names may differ for each country. It is a body of members elected by people of the country to do their best in serving the nation. Education level of Parliament plays an important role in strategic planning and decision making of any kind in the country. Mostly parliaments have education level equal to bachelors but there are few those have highly specialized educated people like science specialist, business specialist and PhDs. Look at the list of top 10 educated parliaments of the world given below.

1. Iran

Iran tops the list with having most foreign PhDs in its parliament know as Islamic Consultative Assembly. President of Iran holds PhD in law from Glasgow Caledonian University. Moreover mostly of its cabinet ministers is PhD in their field. Muhammad JawadZarif Minister of Foreign affairs holds a degree of PhD in international relations from university of Denver in 1988.
Head of atomic energy Organization Ali Akbar salehi is PhD in Nuclear engineering from Massachusetts Institute of technology in 1977. Moreover the health minister of Iran Hassan Hashemi holds a degree of ophthalmologist in medical sciences and is retired chancellor of the Tehran University of Medical Sciences which is the highest ranked medical institute of Iran.
Iran’s Islamic Consultative Assembly is consisted of highly qualified people like discussed above and they are assigned ministries and roles according to their filed/qualifications. Previous Government of Iran which was led by President AhmediNijad there were 40 PhDs, 25 engineers 12 MBBS doctors and 108 Hafiz-e-Quran.

2. China

China has elected most qualified people in its parliament which is known as The National People’s Congress and it is the largest parliamentary body of the world. Xi Jinping is the current president of China who holds a doctoral degree in law in 2002 from Tsinghua University. Vice president of china Li Yuanchao is also a doctor in law. Prime minister of china also holds a PhD degree in economics.
Apart from President, vice president and prime minister of China the more iteresting thing is mostly ministers are PhD in their respective ministries. Minister of science and technology holds PhD degree in engineering, ministry of economics is with a PhD in economics and ministry of law is held by doctor in law. Moreover, mostly elected members are Masters or either having doctoral degree. That’s why china is the second most educated parliament in the world.

3. Canada

Justin Trudeau’s cabinet makes it possible for Canada to become third in top 10 educated parliaments of the world. Justin’s cabinet is quite interesting video of doing surgery of a citizen by its health minister who is professional doctor/surgeon vows the world. Ministry foreign affair is given to a former professor of political science Stephane Dion.
Ministry of finance is given to a Successful business man who is millionaire and holds PhD in Business management. Moreover ministry of law is run by a professional successful lawyer who has also served as prosecutor in criminal law. Ministry of science is held with geoscientist, ministry of minorities is given to a refugee who fled from Afghanistan in the age of 11years.

4. South Korea

Out of 21 cabinet members of the elected parliament 16 are doctoral degree holders including Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn and remaining members are masters. Total no. of seats in national assembly of South Korea is 300 out of which 256 holds master’s degree and others hold bachelors and diplomas.

5. Germany

Germany is well known for providing free quality education to its citizens. Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel is a PhD in quantum chemistry and has written different papers on it. Minister of foreign affairs Frank Walter and minister of interior Thomas de Maiziere hold doctoral degrees in law. 80% cabinet of Germany is consisting of PhD in law. Moreover, if we talk about elected members of parliament, than mostly hold master’s degree. Due to high education level of parliamentarians in Germany it stands at no. five in top ten educated parliaments of the world.

6. Japan

Japan secures sixth position as most of its parliament members are bachelors inscience, technology, law and economics. Mostly cabinet members have masters in law and economics. If we can say that this assembly consists up of most qualified people it would not be wrong. Ministry of defense is a professional defense lawyer Tomomi Inada and ministry of foreign affairs is with Fumio Kishida who held masters in international affairs. 70% members of the assembly holds bachelor’s degree.

7. USA

United States is rich in literacy rate, mostly people in USA holds bachelor degree in something. Talking about parliament there are less PhDs and masters as compared to the countries discussed above. But they have lot of bachelors in science, economics and law. Quality of education is too high in USA that they claim our bachelor is enough to compete with the PhD of any country and to some extent it is true. Mostly cabinet of President Obama is bachelors as president Obama itself is bachelors in law from Harvard University.

8. England

Same like USA mostly elected members of England holds second class or few first class bachelor’s degrees from reputed universities of England that’s why it is no. eight on top ten educated parliaments of the world. Theresa May current Prime minister of England holds a second class BA degree from Oxford University. While on the other hand leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn holds a school degree because he involved himself in politics from his early school days. 60% of members hold bachelor’s degree.

9. Australia

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Australian 43 parliament is elected recently and mostly elected members hold bachelor’s degree. Statistics show that 58% elected members have bachelor’s degree, 15% have master’s degree, 12% studied graduate diploma, 14% have other diploma degree and only 1% hold doctoral degree. Talking about categories of degrees out of 362 90 are in law, 30 in commerce, 25 in administration and 24 in education and 13 in health.

10. Finland

JuhaSipila is the current prime minister of Finland he is a successful businessman and holds master’s degree in engineering. Alexander stubb minister of finance of Finnish parliament is PhD in international relations from London school of economics and political sciences. Mostly of Finnish parliament members hold master’s degree and few of them holds doctoral degree.

These results may be surprising for many people as the most highly ranked universities countries except Canada are at the lower places in top ten educated parliaments of the world. On the other hand countries having medium to low rank universities topped the list with high ratio of PhDs and masters in various fields. Iran and Canada are the one who have assigned roles to their elected members according to their qualifications. We can say that might be the one reason of quicker development of economy, infrastructure and other things of both countries.


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Iran continue surprises: topped educated parliaments of the world

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