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Top 10 Best & Most Beautiful City Skylines In The World

Most Beautiful City Skylines

The BurjKhalifa, The Sydney Opera House and Empire State Building are some of the buildings which are the icon of these cities and they make these cities to be the most greatest of the world skylines.
Building the website for data which was Emporia and was recently updated with the cities ranking in the whole world and it was based on the impact of visual with the use of skylines and the formula to assign high rise buildings which was also based on the count of floor.
Some of the top 10 Best & Most Beautiful City Skylines in this world are

1)    Hong Kong

Area: 1, 053 km2
Population: 6, 943, 600
Total Buildings: 7, 685
The building was assigned to the point which was based on the floors. The measurement of buildings does not include structures, bridges, masts, TV Towers.
Hong Kong is a city which is positioned at the region of south east in China. It is thickly populated and it has its major part as the port of city and also it is known as the global center of financial center and it is famous for the tower studded in the skyline. It is called for the food scene which is lively. It has extravagant high tea and is known for the shopping which has spanning chaotic Temple streets. It also has night markets and it has many tailors with innumerable bespoke.

2)    New York

Area: 800 km2
Population: 8, 391, 881
Total Buildings: 5, 919
It is known for the Empire State Building in Times Square, many iconic sites, statue of Liberty and Times Square. This New York City is placed at the influential center of the finance, fashion and culture. This Atlantic Ocean is with the borough of Island at the core of Big Apple.

3)    Chicago

Area: 589 km2
Population: 2, 853, 114
Total Buildings: 1, 124
Chicago was positioned at the Lake Michigan which was located in Illinois. It is the largest city in the whole U.S and it is famous for the architecture which is very bold and also it has the skyline bristling like neo – Gthic Tribune Tower, Wilis Tower, 1, 451 – ft., sleek and John Hancock Center. The city is known for the expensive collection of art institute and museums. It also impresses the work of the museum.

4)    Singapore

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Area: 710 km2
Population: 4, 351, 400
Total Buildings: 4, 366
Singapore is a city of Islands which is positioned at the south region of Malaysia. It is a financial center globally which has tropical climate and also it has population of multicultural. In the era of 1820, this Chinatown has the gold and red Buddha’s Tooth Relic temple which also has the souvenirs in colorful state and also it has the Arab street which is lined with the shops of fabric. Singapore is also called as the electric street fair and is also served in the center of hawker like Maxwell road and TiongBahru.

5)    Sao Paulo

Area: 1,523 km2
Population: 10, 990, 249
Total Buildings: 5, 667
Sao Paulo is in Brzil and is known as the most popular city of the world. It is known as the best financial center of the world where the entire tourist enjoys and alsois famous for being the rich architectural and cultural institute in its tradition. It is an icon and has buildings which range from 1929. There are many churches and also the architect is won by the Oscar Niemeyer’s curvy. This Jesus Priests were founded in 1554 in the city.

6)    Seoul

Area: 616 km2
Population: 10, 331, 244
Total Buildings: 2, 877
Seoul is a city which is also a capital of South Korea and is a sprawl of the metropolis and the skyscrapers are hyper modern, pop culture and have high tech. The temples of Buddhist, street markets and palaces were with the highest culture. It has got many attractions like futuristic Dongdaemun Design Plaza and also it has the curving architecture and a convention hall and also it has got a rooftop. The palaces in the Gyeongbokgung have about 7, 000 rooms and also it has a temple which is also a site for many pine trees and old locusts.

7)    Dubai

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Area: 3, 885 km2
Population: 1,954, 000
Total Buildings: 564
Dubai is a famous city which is positioned in the United Arab Emirates and is famous for the luxurious shopping, lively nightlife scene and ultramodern architecture. BurjKhalifa is also positioned in the region of Dubai which is about 830 m tall. It dominates the skyline of skyscraper. On its foot of Dubai Fountain, with lights and jets it choreographed the music. On the islands made by man showed the offshore of Atlantis in the Palm resort and they are filled with animal parks and resorts.

8)    Shanghai

Area: 6, 639 km2
Population: 9, 145, 711
Total Buildings: 990
Shanghai is very vast and is also known as the central coast region and is famous for being the biggest city of the country and also known as a financial hub globally. It is known as the heart of the Bund and is famous for the promenade waterfront and is lined with the buildings which are lined with colonial. The Huangpu River is across the Pudong’s futuristic skyline and it includes Shanghai Tower which is about 632 m. it has the oriental pearl tower of TV and also has pink spheres in distinct. It has traditional ponds, towers and pavilions.

9)    Bangkok

Area: 1, 569 km2
Population: 7, 587, 882
Total Buildings: 786
Bangkok is a capital of Thialand which is the sprawling of metropolis and is famous for the shrines of ornate and also the street life is quite vibrant. The boat of Chao Phraya River is the feed of network which is the canal and is filled with the past flowing with the royal district of Rattanakosin. It is known as the home for the Grand Palace which is opulent and is sacred for the Emerald temple of Buddha. It is the opposite shore, Wat Arun and has the style of Khmer spire.

10)    Tokyo

Area: 621 km2
Population: 8, 653, 000
Total Buildings: 2, 702
Tokyo is the capital of Japan which bustles and mixes the traditional and ultramodern and also from the anime shops and neon lit skyscrapers to temples and cherry trees. The opulent of Meiji Shinto Shrine is famous for the surrounding forests and towering gate. The city is famous for the food scene which is vibrant and its Harajuku and Shibuya districts who are the hearts of teen trendy scene of fashion.


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