Published On: Mon, Nov 10th,

HK: Leung Has Support of Xi Jinping over Pro Democracy Protest


Beijing: Hong Kong leader has gain the support of China’s President Xi Jinping over pro-democracy protests continued since two months.

China’s President supported the Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying to control the protest led by pro-democracy students in streets of different areas of Hong Kong since two months.

HK leader met the Chinese president Xi to discuss the protest gaining strength due to continued strike of student who demands the right of vote, lead to free elections in Hong Kong. China leadership gave approval to begin a stock market, which connect Hong Kong and Shanghai.

The stock market is going to start working from November, 17, while the approval refers that China fully supports the Hong Kong Leung on how he handle the protestors.

Tung Chee-hwa, the former leader has requested to demonstrators third time to stop the protest stated that pro-democracy members have given a lot to raise the voice over democracy but now it enough.

Demonstrators, who erect barricades on roads, blocked the streets and underpasses which trouble the smooth flow of traffic have rejected the appeal want to talk Beijing officials directly.