Published On: Sun, Sep 25th,

What Will Happen if Pakistan and China Attacks on India?

On Thursday 22 September Indian news channel NDTV hosted Praful Bakhshi who is Ex-chief spokesman Min of Def, Security and Defense analyst. In the program the anchor asked Mr. Bakhshi about what are the conditions of Indian defense if Pakistan and China attack on India.

Mr. Bakhshi discussed in detail regarding the situation of Indian armed Forces with the female anchor. The anchor asked if this threat is real or if it is some kind of game of US just to sale their arms to the countries which need them.

He said “Let’s just not find excuses, Air Marshal has clearly said the reality that if something like this happens we cannot fight the two front war at all. As our armed forces are not in the condition to do so”

China makes its 75-80% of its military equipment along with the Pakistan, Mr. Bakhshi clearly stated that during the program and additionally said, “India does not make any equipment at all, not even a single technology, so how can we think that we will be able to do any if such thing happens”.

“In coming 20 years China will have 800 more aircrafts than India and Pakistan will moreover be having 200 or so more aircrafts than Pakistan. China will be able to land every aircraft in India without the thought that is that sufficient or not”, Bakhshi stated.

And this is such a very difficult situation in which India is at the present time.

China and Pakistan’s combination is very strong that it is impossible to shake it, as china has so many airfields present on their lands and in addition Pakistan army is at its best.

Since 1971 Indian air force has dominancy in the south-Asian region but somehow India has lost it somewhere through the time. This can be a reason why India is incapable at this time defending their homeland but the Indian Govt. is talking like it has the best armed forces of the world and ready to be on war.


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What Will Happen if Pakistan and China Attacks on India?

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