Published On: Thu, Feb 19th,

Bangladesh Court Sentenced Senior Jamaat-e-Islami leader to Death


Dhaka: The Bangladeshi special tribunal for war crimes sentenced senior Islamist politician Abdus Subhan to death on 18 February.

The 79-year-old Subhan found guilty of six out of nine accusations against him as kidnappings, torturing people, women’s rape and some murders. Old Subhan is Jamaat-e-Islami’s central-committee member which considers Bangladeshi largest Islamist party as well as a former member of parliament.

According to his case history, Prosecutors charged him of being part of military of Pakistan and performed main role with them against battling with Bangladeshi fighters. But Subhan rejected all allegations which imputed on him.

Prosecutor Sultan Mahmud told media, “We were able to prove the charges and Abdus Subhan has got maximum punishment.”

Subhan’s lawyer, Mr. Shishir Munir described that defense would appeal because these allegations are completely baseless and court didn’t announce accurate decision. After the verdict of tribunal, the protestor attacked petrol bombs outside of court and the authorities posted security to control the tensions.

The court verdict may stir up tensions in Bangladesh now because the supporters of Subhan’s party can perform bad behavior against the court decision as recently great violence appeared in country after some days of New Year which caused of nearly 80 killings.

The ex- Prime Minister of Bangladesh Mr. Khaleda Zia also in clash with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Awami League, Zia belongs to Nationalist Party which main opposition party of Hasina’s.

The anti-government’s supporters had done protests against the current government in previous year because they thought the ragging took place in elections. Jamaat-e-Islami who is the key ally of National Party both announced boycott following the Hasina’s halting step provision for a caretaker administration to manage the balloting. Hasina decided to complete her term while refusing negotiations.

The severe conflict can be seen between Awami League and its opposition parties as Nationalist Party, Jamaat-e-Islami.