Published On: Wed, Sep 9th,

Pakistan Army Chief General Raheel Sharif Warns India Of ‘Unbearable Cost’ In Case Of War

Kashmir is an uncompleted issue of partition and should solve according the resolution of United Nations, Indian has to change its policy if he want to avoid from ‘Unbearable loss’ said Pakistani Army Chief.

Army chief of Pakistan General Raheel Sharif once again warn India from uncountable and unbearable loss,in case of War in his speech, on the occasion of function held by Pakistan Air Force in Rawalpindi.

Pakistani chief said that Kashmir is an uncompleted and unsolved issue from the time of Partition of Sub-Continent, and now the time is to solve that issue according the resolutions of United Nations.

Army chef said that all the Pakistani forces are capable and ready for fighting against any kind of sensitive situations or external attack, he added that Pakistani nation is the big power for our military forces, because every time when Pakistan suffer from crucial time all the Pakistani nation show the unity and stand against the enemy.

On looking his address to his forces, it is clear that this was the answer to the Indian Army Chief General Dalbir Singh Suhag, who released his statement in last week that India is prepared for all the near future internal or external wars.

Raheel Sharif also raised the Afghanistan matter on this occasion and said that we ensure the Afghanistan to helped them in the struggles of peace.

He added in his speech that Indian government is interrupting the internal matter of Afghanistan, I just want to advice to him that don’t interfere between the Pakistan and Afghanistan relationships.

He said Pakistani army is fighting inside and outside the country and we are getting the quick success in the result of National Action Plan, and also we are dominating on terrorists all over the country.

Watch the Full Speech of General Raheel Sharif

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