Published On: Wed, Sep 2nd,

Indian Army Chief General Suhag Says India Ready For Short-Term Battle


New Delhi: India believes that Pakistani military trying to tease them on border, reason why Army Chief General Dalbir Singh has set all to tackle with rivals on it’s and ready to launch offensive against Pakistani military, said on 01 September, Tuesday.

The Indian Army Chief General Dalbir Singh said by addressing media reporters that the exchange of bilateral firing on border, clearly signifying towards next short and swift battle between Pakisatn and India.

General Dalbir also talked about the truce violations alongside the borders in Jammu and Kashmir, believes the ceasefire is only reason of tensions between India and Pakistan relationship.

General Dalbir also described that Pakistani military’s bad acts forced India to set their positions for expected war.

Indian tabloid The Hindu published a report about the general speech at a tri-service seminar on the 1965 Indo-Pak War.

General Dalbir explained, “The army chief said a very high level of operational preparedness at all times has become part of India’s strategy as there is recognition that the swift, short nature of future wars is likely to offer limited warning time,”

The huge rage from Indian army is believed to be emerged over the ceasefire violations by Pakistani military, reason why Indian forces decided to set their positions for anticipated short-term battle.

Army Chief also added, “As we look ahead we can see that our threats and challenges become more complex. As a result the commitments of the Indian Army have increased manifold in scope and intensity in past few years.”

He also said in his speech that ceasefire violations were seen many times from its western neighbor Pakistan, who may have offering short-term battle between both which might be too destructive for both nations.

India and Pakistan both have nuclear power and if war occurs so that would show huge destruction.