Published On: Tue, Sep 15th,

Is Taylor Swift to Play Dazzler in ‘X-Men Apocalypse’? Here Is Plot, Cast, Release Date

The American country singer and pop-star Taylor Swift will star in ‘X-Men Apocalypse’ playing character of dazzler, a mutant named Alison Blaire, the role has been revealed by makers after long way rumors.

X-men: Apocalypse will be the next installment from the film franchise which seeks a villain named Apocalypse in upcoming venture which also feature American singer Taylor Swift playing the character of a mutant Alison Blaire who also known as Dazzler.

Simon Kinberg, producer and writer of X-men: Apocalypse, revealed that country singer will mark appearance in the upcoming installment as Dazzler following the long way rumors about her role in the movie since few months but now it is been an official confirmation.

As rumors blow on internet about Taylor Swift character of Dazzler in the upcoming series of X-Man, many of reports described her best fit for the role following her appearance and style making her perfect for the given character.

Kinberg has gave explanation of posting the photo of singer along with cast of his coming venture X-men: Apocalypse that he knew why he posted the both images together on social blogging site while the producer, who is also among the biggest fans of Taylor, revealed her role in the movie.

The producer denied appearance of Taylor in the coming movie saying that if it happened that would be wonderful but actually there is nothing like to be happened in earlier time.

Directed by Bryan Singer the film features an ensemble cast starring James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, Oscar Isaac, Nicholas Hoult, Rose Byrne and Olivia Munn among other young cast, the film is slated to hit the cinema screens of United States on May 27,.