Published On: Tue, Aug 2nd,

Did Donald Trump Leak Nude Photographs of Melania to Distract from the Khan Story?

Donald Trump ongoing dispute with the Gold Star parents Khizr and Ghazala khan, the New York Post which previously endorsed Donald Trump in April, late of Saturday night publish the several nude photos of Republican candidate wife. The Post’s Sunday edition punned “THE OGLE OFFICE”. The picture was taken by the French photographer Ale de Basseville in Manhattan way back in 1995, just after her arrival in America.

The images are appeared in the January 1996 issue of Max which is now an invalid men’s French magazine and the Trump election campaign has once again made a very big show being unaffected by the recently photographs publications.

The Republican candidate said in the statement that Melania was the most successful model of her time and she appears in several photo shoots including for the major magazines and for the covers. The important thing is that the picture was taken by the French Magazine as prior to my knowing of Melania and in Europe the picture like this very common and fashionable.

Trump spokesperson Jason Miller said in an interview that, there is the celebration of the human body as an art and there is nothing to be embarrassed about it and he continues to speak that she is a beautiful woman and the photos are very tasteful and classy.

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The Post’s cover which covers the story and tells the readers as “we have never seen a potential First Lady like this” but actually we have. The anti-Trump great PAC who supporting Ted Cruz’s candidate campaign endorsing the images the former model were involved in the British GQ shoot in 2000.

“Meet Your First Lady Melania Trump” the put on top on the cover or you want to support the Ted Cruz in his presidential campaign previously. The campaign was actually targeted the conservative Mormon voters who strategically put off the Melania nude images.

But what we can find out more in this story the Trump spokesperson Miller is right in his answer as there is not anything to be embarrassed about it and since the more of the conservative voters including the Cruz’s people was going after the evangelicals but they might disagree.

The Trump statement about the photographs as it was taken by the European Magazine prior to my knowing to Melania. But the things are different in Europe at the time if the Donald and Melania had been together he would never allowed her to do photo shoot like this. Yes this is obviously a lie if the statement implies. Yes there is another true that her wife Melania is a former model but no one can missing the opportunity to speak against Trump and stop mentioning it.