Published On: Wed, Jun 29th,

A softer, gentler Donald Trump?

Many of the Republican leaders hoped that Donald Trump should have softened in his public speeches and pivot the center but up till now he hasn’t done that. There are growing signs that the presumptive Republican president candidate is aiming to make his campaign more pleasant to the audience before the general elections.

 Donald Trump presidential election campaign is on the finishing touches on the policy matters that would may change his thoughts and the proposed ban on the Muslims to entering to the United States. His campaign in now focusing on instead of imposing the ban on Muslims, ban on those immigrants who are coming to United States from those countries who are linked with the terrorism training and equipments. At the same time he also uses the hard language against all undocumented immigrants who are living in the United States.

The new tone of the Trump campaign follows the several tough weeks as it confronted with the several negative headlines which raised question about his policy and treatment to minorities and woman and what is the big deal as his temperament as the president. The question arises whether the softer tone is just a bug that will sooner be replaced with the tough talk or it becomes a long term strategy which helps him to catch the Hilary Clinton.

At the start of his presidential candidate campaign Trump initially proposed a ban on the Muslim immigrants after the terrorist attack in last year at the San Bernardino, California. In the start of the month the shooting incident at the gay nightclub in Orlando, Trump has changed his stance and said we should need to ban the Muslims from the “terrorist states” instead of prohibiting all the Muslims. He even hinted the possibility of allowing the Muslims of those countries who are extensively more strongly inspect their citizens.

Donald Trump told to CNN when he was question of where he stands on his proposal to ban Muslims in the United States.  He said “people are coming from the terror states” and you all know what I am talking about, yes I am talking about the terrorist states.  He added we are going to so vigilant and frankly it required a lot and you wouldn’t believe that there are lots but make sure it is about the terrorist but not about the religion.

Donald Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks pressed for the clarity of the Trump’s stance  and confirm to the CNN that Trump wants ban the Muslims of those states who coming to United States from the undesignated “terror states” and marking trump campaign first acknowledgment of  his apparent turn on the most controversial policy the any presidential candidate have. In this weekend he also rebuffed of characterizing his plan to deport all the undocumented immigrants which are estimated 11 million to living in the United States as the “mass deportation”.

He told the Bloomberg Politics on Saturday, “I would never say that it is the mass deportations” instead in want to say that we are going to get rid of many bad dudes who are living here …….. that I want to tell you. he also said that rather than focusing on the criminal activities of the undocumented immigrants as he announcing since his presidential proposal as calling the Mexican immigrants as the “rapists”, he would stressed that his immigration policies would heart them all.