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Top Best Heat Hair Styling Tools

 Hair Styling

In today’s world hair styling becomes a basic need of every women life, and to fulfill this need numerous hair styling products and tools are available in the markets. Heat styling tools like straighteners, dryers, and curling rods becomes a part of main considerations and necessary need in every women life.
Few heat tools are the best way to get quick hair styles and help you to done your job rapidly and easily, a good straightener flats the curls and frizzy hair and adds smoothness and shine, a curling rod transfers straight look of hair into healthy and curly style while a dryer is the best use for adding volume to hair. However, there are also many other tools and products that are widely utilized for hair styling.
Use a heat protective product before using any hot hair style tool on your hair it will protect your hair from excessive heat damage. The following are the best heat tools to get your desired hairstyles,

1. Hair Dryer:

Hair dryers as shown by its name that for what purpose they used for, they are also called blow dryers. Hair dryer is usually used for drying out wet hair. In 1925 the first ever hair dryer was introduced in the market which was capable of providing only 100 watts of heat. An assortment of combs and brushes are offered with hair dryers for attaining various healthy hair styles as it increases the volume and hair appear healthier.
Apparently, hair dryer companies are manufacturing more advanced quality hair dryers and every new one contains more heat than the old one. But according to Richman, it is necessary to keep cautions while using hot dryers.
A hair dryer that lies between the range of 1300 and 1875 are best for home use. Blow dryers contain distinctive levels of heat such as High to low. High heat level is suitable for the hair that is thick and has excessive moisture while the medium or low heat levels are suitable for only damp hair.
How does it work?
1.  Rinse your hair with a normal shampoo, use conditioner to makes them smooth.
2.  Now towel dries your hair to soak the excess of water.
3.  Divide the hair into various portions.
4.  Initially starts from the roots with the help of a rounded brush which center is made up of metal.
5.  Blow dry by keeping the dryer 15cm aside of your scalp.
6.  Prevent concentrating on the same portion for too long or it will damage or might burn your hair.
7.  Avoid drying out the hair entirely, leave them with some moisture.
8. At the end use cool air, it will add some shine to your hair. (You can also use a moisturizing serum or a little bit of olive oil to add shine).

Few Important key points to keep in mind while using hair dryer:
1.  Spray your hair with heat protectant.
2.  Separate hair in sections.
3. Avoid your face from hot air.
4.  Don’t forget to keep running the rounded brush thoroughly in your hair and avoid holding on the dryer on the same portion of your hair for a very long time.

Styles you can get with a hair dryer
• Straight look
• Volume filled look
• Curly hairstyles
Main features
• Nozzle attachment
• Diffuser
• Cool shot button
• Changeable heat temperatures
One of the best hair dryers is Parlux Advance Light
Parlux Advance Light:
Cost: £109.95

1.  K- advanced motor
2.  83 cubic meters/hours air flow
3.  Anti-heating front body
4.  Power ranges 2200 watt
It’s an Italian brand and has been used since the 1970s and the choice of many hairstyles. It has owned various awards for having the best quality and design. The dryer has different eye-catching colors. The dryer has a heat proof outer frame, a durable electric motor and heat control levels. The performance of this dryer is excellent and it provides rapid & long-lasting results.

2. Hair Straightener:

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Hair straighteners are used for carrying various hairstyles apart from providing a flat hair look it can also be used for attaining proper and good wavy curls. Straighteners are been used since the 1890s. Having straight hairs feels more beautiful and elegant.
Now companies are manufacturing good quality hair straighteners with advanced hair styling techniques and they can be obtainable in various colors. It gives hair a shiny, silky and frizz-free look. They are also used for achieving permanent hair straightening look and it can be obtained by a process called Rebounding.
How does it work?

1.  Wash your hair with shampoo and use a conditioner to retain the moisture in your hair and keeps them tangle free and silky.
2.  Use a hair dryer to remove any excessive water. Your hair should be completely dry before using hair straightener.
3.  Use a heat protectant spray or a heat protection serum to protect your hair from heat damage.
4.  Divide your hair into small sections.
5.  Heat up the straightener.
6.  Take a section, place it into the straightener plates, and hold the straightener near to the roots.
7.  Move the iron down gently, but be-careful to not hold the iron on the same spot for quite long time.
8. Iron the same section for few times until it gets totally straight.
Few important key points to keep in mind while using Hairstraighteners:

1.  Use a heat protectant spray or a serum.
2.  Dry your hair completely.
3.  Use a heat protectant glove to protect your fingers from burning.
4.  Separate hair in various sections.
5.   Don’t use any hairspray rather than heat protectant just before using the straightener.
6.  20 seconds are enough for straightening each segment of your hair.
7.  Let the section of your hair cools down before straightening it again.
8.  It is advisable to not use the straightener on daily basis to avoiddamage and dryness.

Styles you can get with a straight iron
• Beach waves
• Basic curls
• Crimped curls
Main features

• Ceramic plates
• Titanium plates
• Heat up time
• Straightener weight
• Straightener size
• Temperature
• Auto shut off
• Far infrared heat
• Flash quick heating
One of the best hair straighteners is BabylissPRO Nano Titanium
BabylissPRO Nano Titanium:
Cost: $41.23

1.  Infrared heating system
2.  Titanium plates
3.  Heat up to 450 degrees
4.  Multiple heat adjustments
5.  User friendly
6.  Lighter
7. 5-inch plate
The iron is small and has a thinner look plates of this iron are of 1- inch. It can provide sweet curls as well. Instead of using ceramic plates, the body is made up of titanium plates. The straightener consists of long plates for covering a thick portion of hair. It is suitable for any type of hair and contains 450 degrees range of heat.

3. Curling Rod:

Curling rod which can also be stated as curling iron has so much importance in every women life. Different type of curling rods with different sizes, handle and barrel shape are available in the markets. These curling irons are basically manufactured from metal, titanium, ceramic, Teflon and tourmaline.
The barrel design of curling rod can be like a cone, reversing cone or like a cylindrical shape. The curling iron can also have brush attachments and 2 or 3 barrel attachments.
How does it work?

Most of the curling irons include heat protective gloves which you wear while wrapping your hair around the hot wand.
1.  First of all heat up the curling iron ( 320 degrees if you have normal or thin hair and 430 degrees if you have coarse and healthy hair)
2.  Keep your hair tangle free and dry before using curling rod and for this purpose, you need to brush your hair completely and blow dry them to remove dampness.
3.  Before using any heat styling product, use the best heat protection spray to reduce any chances of high heat damage. Sprayed it on your dry hair. It will create a protection layer among the hair and rod.
4.  Now divide your hair into small segments each segment should be of 2 to 3 inches broad.
5.  Now take one section of your hair, wrap it around the wand, and hold on for few seconds (maximum 5 to 6 seconds.
6.  Once it is done or the curl fell down, pin it up using any hair pin or a hair clip. Do this with all your hair and let those cools down. In this way, you will get long lasting curls.
7.  Now remove all the pins, shake up your hair very well and use a hair spray to fix the curls.
Few important key points to keep in mind while using curling rod:

1.  Use a heat protectant spray.
2.  Use a right-sized barrel.
3.  Curl you hair in the right direction (between clockwise and anticlockwise).
4.  Keep the right time in your mind do not extend the time for each section of your hair from 10 seconds.
5.  Use the right amount of heat.
6.  Curl your hair by splitting them into right sections.
7.  Let your curl cools down after it is done.

Styles you can get with a Curling rod
• Bouncy curls
• Soft curls
• Beachy waves
• Vintage inspired curls
• Tight curls
Main features

• Tourmaline or ceramic material
• Adjustable heat options
• Barrel heating speed
• Barrel size
• Exchangeable barrels

One of the best hair curling rods is Hot tools gold curling iron XL Barrel 24k Gold -HT1102XL.
Salon Curling Iron XL Barrel 24k Gold -HT1102XL
Cost: $32.98


1.  Size 1-1/2 inch
2.  2 inch Barrel size
3.  Upto 430 degrees of heat level
4.  Includes heat prevention mat
5.  Rheostat heat management
6.  1-year warranty
7.  On/off switch
8.  Energy Indication Light
It has long barrel size which covers a thick portion of hair and provides the best styling results. It also includes rotating cool tip which gives more curl swathe.


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