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Most Creative Women in Business World

Creative Women in Business World

Women have made a lot of contributions in the modern world as well and they do well than most men. In the software world and also in the modern business world, there are many women who have made their efforts and achieved their goals. There are some women of business who have done a lot in the business world.

1)    Jane McGonigal

Jane McGonigal is the one who has designed games and played them. She seems to have never got bore of this stuff and she enjoys this the most and in the same way, she contributes to the gaming business which has become much in demand. She is writing a book about the games and it is about to complete.

2)    Stella McCartney

Stella is the queen of eco – couture in which she is totally busy in her career and she loves what she does. She is a vegetarian and did her first fashion show in Italy and launched it with full zest.

3)    Bonnie Hammer

She is a mad scientist who fought for prejudice and she is a resident of the universal Cable Entertainment which a complete whole year and in the previous summer, she rebranded Syfy and SciFi Channel.

4)    Nora Ephron

After beating the list of 61, she made a major success with Julie and Julia and earned $ 120 Million sales in the box office globally and the nomination for academy award of 16th.

5)    Jessica Buttimer

By introducing the first brand of Clorox with Green Works in 20 years so the Buttimer made her new launch in the footwear territory. She is also vice president in the Deckers Outdoor Corp. in the marketing department.

6)    Trish Adams

The Trish Adams is a big name which keeps on coming. She is a senior vice president of Target in market department with the designers Rodarte and Zac Posen and the fashion became friendly with the Target Go.

7)    Padmashree Warrior

She was the lady who unified the initiative of computer in Cisco Company and brought it to number 3 in 2009 in the company’s history. She has got more amazing plans for what is about to come next and she remains prepared for to do in the next.

8)    Neri Oxman

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She is the one who made designs who could breathe and she was the MIT Media Lab Presidential Fellow and made it at number 43. She inspires the new designs with the help of biological tissues.

9)    Dawn Danby

Dunby worked as a Autodesk first sustainable design manager program and she did her work with complete devotion and made it through number 20 in the list.


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Most Creative Women in Business World

Creative Women in Business World Women have made a lot of contributions in the modern world as well[...]

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