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10 Most Widely Adapted TV Shows

1) The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is a kind of reality show which was tested for the first time in USA and then it got a lot of success. It was premiered in 2001 and now it has completed a total of 24 seasons and the 25th season is currently on air on television. This show is about putting 10 – 12 teams from around the world in a race and they travel to different countries to complete the tasks they are given. The reason of popularity of this show is its adaptation of three continental and national versions. US are also getting praise from critics and it has won 13 Emmys from 65 nominations.

2) The Apprentice

The Apprentice is a show which provides opportunities to the contestants to make their successful careers in the cooperate world and there are 16 contestants in this show who fight against each other to get the job of their related field and get enter into a cooperate world and get hired by these companies and the business tycoon like Martha Stewart, Donald Trump, TuncayOzilhan, Robert Justus and Tony Fernandez. This show got so much famous that it was picked by 3 continental versions and 20 national. There have been 13 seasons of this show with Donald Trump and there was only 1 with Martha Stewart. It was aired for the first time in 2004.

3) Pop Stars

This Show is about giving opportunity to singers to show their talent and get selected in it. It was aired for the first time in 1999 in New Zealand. There are individual contestants who sing to become a part of a new group. There are almost 38 countries which are supporting this show and also creating bands like Viva, Bro’Sis, EyeQ, True Bliss, L5. This show has ruled the TV Industry and many shows came after it.

4) Master Chef

Master Chef is a big reality show of Cooking which gives opportunities to the contestants to show their talent of cooking in it. The people who want to take a start of their culinary career in a grand way come here to show their talent. Its original version was started in 1990 in UK. It lasted till 2001. The show was revived by UK in 2005 and adapted by a lot more than 42 countries and it generated its revenue.

5) Fear Factor

Fear Factor is a kind of reality show which brings fear and this has never been shown by any other television channel. This show is about challenging people so that they may face their fears and gigantic popularity was gained through this show. This show was aired in 2001 for the time in USA. It was adopted by 35 countries and this show was started on other channels as well with different formats. Contestants are involved in this show to do stunts and they are given prize money for these stunts. The stunts can be of various types.

6) Got Talent Series

It is a reality show which is known as a mother of all the talent hunts as it provides opportunity to dance, sing and perform stunts etc. to get the prize money, show your was first aired on 2006 in US. It has completed its 9 seasons and adopted by 51 countries.

7) Top Model Series

It is an original fashion show which came out with the work ethics of fashion industry and aired on television for the first time in 2003 as “America’s Next Top Model”. This show was picked up for 40 nationals. There are about 10 – 16 contestants who fight out to do modeling challenges and ramp walks and photo shoots. They need to do all these things to launch their modeling career in the industry.

8) Idol Series

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Idol Series is a reality show of singing and it is running successfully over the entire world. There are several contestants who sing and get the prize money if they sing well. If they win this contest then they become the next music sensation. This show was aired on television with the name Pop Idol and was adopted by 41 countries. Some of the pop stars got success an fame from this show like Kelly Clarkson, Guy Sebastian, Carly Rae Jepsen, Phillip Phillip and Abhijeet Sawant.

9) Big Brother

This show was first aired on television in Netherlands in 1999. This show has given the television industry a new fame and format of life. In this reality show, there are a lot of contestants who are locked up in a forest or a room or a house and they are given some time to prove their skills of management. They get observed by the public and then they vote for them if they perform well. They do not have any facility like internet, television, radio and telephone.

10) Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

This is a kind of reality show which gives people a chance to become a millionaire and prove themselves to be a popular person. It was started in 1998 in Britain and now it is adopted by 35 countries in the world. People who have high dreams but have very less income can fulfill their dream through this reality show.


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