Published On: Tue, Sep 20th,

PM Nawaz Highlights Atrocities in IHK, Meets World Leaders

The atrocities were ongoing in Kashmir held in India and the issue was highlighted by the Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in his meeting with the leaders of international state in the United Nations General Assembly session in New York.

Nawaz Sharif gave the details which completely met Vice PM Muhammad bin Nayef and Saudi Crown Prince and briefed about all the atrocities continuously in Kashmir held in India.

While having a conversation with British Prime Minister Theresa May, premier presented his view that the people who are in IHK are allowed to choose their point of destination under the United Nations Security Council resolutions.

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The violations of human rights and the oppression of brutal state in Kashmir remained at peak and he added in his statement about it.

It is an international community duty that India must be asked immediately about the end state atrocities which are against the defenseless and innocent Kashmiris.

The expression of PM was satisfactory on the bilateral relation of state with a meeting of Prime Minister with Zealand John Key.

UN Summit talked about the Migrants and Refuges in the United Nations with prime Minister in New York. He said in a statement that Pakistan is the country in this world which is hosted by the refuges of Afghan for this longest period and declined with international funding and was not backed out.

On the other hand, PM Nawaz addressed the United Nations General Assembly to enunciate on Wednesday with the position of Pakistan on the issues that were key international.

The international community was called upon with the Prime Minister and the life of United Nations was promised to fight for self – determination and the people of Kashmir and Jammu were in accordance of the UN Security Council and Kashmiri people were wished.

Pakistan’s contribution was highlighted by the Prime Minister in the maintenance of security and peace in the global context of the regional security.



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PM Nawaz Highlights Atrocities in IHK, Meets World Leaders

The atrocities were ongoing in Kashmir held in India and the issue was highlighted by the Pakistan[...]

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