Published On: Wed, Apr 15th,

Yemen Crisis: CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif Left for Jadah to Join Meeting with Saudi High Officials

Lahore: On Wednesday, Chief Minister of Punjab Mr. Shahbaz Sharif left for Jeddah to join the conference with the Saudi foreign minister as well high officials.

If reports are to be believed so CM Mr. Shahbaz will talk about ongoing crisis between Saudi Arabia and Yemeni Houthi insurgents. In this meeting top official and Saudi Foreign Minister will discuss issue with CM Punjab as tensions raised between both sides.

The Prime Minister’s Advisor on Foreign Affairs, Mr. Sartaj Aziz also departed with CM and will be part of this high officials meeting.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif ordered Shahbaz and Aziz to travel towards Saudi Arabia to attend top officials meeting, actually the decision was taken by Pakistani Prime Minister, hours after the telephonic conversation of US Secretary of State John Kerry with Sharif on late Tuesday night about the ongoing Yemen issue.

The voting for Pakistan army contribution in Saudi-Yemen battle had been done in parliament and every majority members voted against it and asked government don’t send Pak military to be a part Saudi-led coalition forces to fight against Houthi insurgents in Yemen.

An unanimous resolution was passed on Friday following seven day in a joint parliamentary session and decided Pakistan would help Saudi Arabia if the their sovereignty or territorial integrity is threatened.

On the other hand, Suadi authorities has been requesting for days to Pakistan to send troops as well as ground forces, navy vessels and warplanes for Saudi-led campaign which was launched days ago when Houthi insurgents started advancing to seize country’s major regions.

In the result of Saudi-led campaign, so many rebels have been died as warplanes attacked their hideouts but that the not end.