Published On: Thu, Nov 6th,

Fat-Rich Foods Are the Major Cause of High Blood Pressure


Overeating, fat-rich foods, luxurious lifestyle and unawareness of the symptoms lead to high blood pressure.

A report of experts on basic health problems revealed that too much eating, taking fat-rich foods and luxurious means of living are the major cause of diseases, the other main reason of illness is the ignorance and unawareness of symptoms heads to disease.

Experts suggest that simple way of life, use of natural fruits and vegetables can protect a healthy life for you; they stated that fast foods have pack of fats in it and each Fat contains 9 calories per gram which signifies taking fried foods, snacks and stick margarine meaning receiving extra dose of cholesterol.

Routine use of these junk foods causes not only the high blood pressure but also increase the risk of heart diseases. Health specialists said that if the upper blood pressure stay on 140 and lower at 90 for few weeks then it is the sign that person is suffering from the disease of high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is one of the major causes of heart failure that it squeezes and hardens the arteries that circulate blood in the human body, According to the report; in order to avoid high blood pressure adults should use some fruits and vegetables every day.