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Fingernail Tells You about Your Overall Health

Finger nails are an important part of your body which tells a lot about your health and it can tell the current condition of your health. It also analyzes the psychological issues of the health of that person. It is important to check nails on regular basis so that they may be cleaned and assessed properly so that no problem may arise for you regarding health. If the color of the finger nails change that means there is some serious issue in it so to remain healthy, it is quite an important thing to remain focused with your health and updated. There are possibilities that it may viral infections in nails and also some sort of diseases as well. There may raise fungus in nails as well. There are also five other ways to remain healthy by keeping in observation the fingernails. Fingernails are something that asses everything almost about health.

1. Brittle or Crumbly Nails

If the nails become brittle or crumbly then it means that you are going to become over age or anything. It is a severe symptom of aging. It may also be because of the excess use of nail polishes or detergents which can prove to be fatal for your health if used in an excess amount. It can result into fungus, psoriasis and thyroid diseases. These are important to be observed.

Brittle or Crumbly Nails

2. Discolored Nails

There are different colors that nails get because of some reason and these colors include:

  • Yellow Nails
  • Green & black Nails
  • Bluish & Purple Nails
  • Grey Nails
  • Brown Nails
  • White Nails

Whenever the nails change their color that means there is something wrong with it and it is necessary to keep your nails under observation. It indicates a lot of diseases and symptoms of diseases.

Yellow Nails

If it changes to yellow that means you have ailments or Jaundice in liver. It may also be a cause of Thyroid, Lungs Infection and Sinus Infection.

Yellow Nails

Green & black Nails

When it becomes green or black that means you have some bacterial infection and that is a symptom of loose nails.

Green & black Nails

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Purple or Bluish

Purple or Bluish nails represent the deprivation of oxygen.

Bluish & Purple Nails

Grey Nails

Grey Nails show that they have adopted this color due to some severe medication.

Grey Nails

Brown Nails

Brown Nails show the symptoms of thyroid and the nails that are half white and half brown from the tips show that there may be a chance of kidney failure or they are suffering from Aids.

Brown Nails

White Nails

White Nails show the signs of aging or there may be some infection in nails, kidney problems, Malnutrition, diabetes or heart failure.

White Nails

3. Loose Nails

If the nails are loose and do not adjust in the nail bed or it comes out easily then there may be some infection in the nails or there may be thyroid issues or problems like deficiency of iron in the body. There may be allergies and that is why there is lose in the nails. There may also be some reaction to the medicine.

Loose Nails


4. White Lines Running Across The Nails

White spots and streaks are something else so does not mix it with that. Steaks are normal but if the lines are white and parallel to each other then there is some problem in it and it may be a cause of liver infection or may be due to high blood pressure. There may also be a cause that body has deficiency of proteins in blood. White lines are very common to be on the nails so it is important to avoid such disease.

White Lines Running Across The Nails

5. Dark Stripes Running Down The Nails

Dark strips on nails may be an indication of cancer which is known as Subungual Melanoma. This type of cancer is rare and it only affects one nail and not the both ones. This abnormality which can be a symptom of some sort of disease otherwise the nails remain quite pretty and fresh. It is always remain beneficial for the people to go for routine checkup to the doctors and remain under their examination to avoid any kind of disease.

Dark Stripes Running Down The Nails