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7 Unexpected Benefits of Sleeping Naked, Backed by Research

Sleeping is the most important thing that we all do at every night. If you get a right amount of sleep at night you get a countless number of health benefits. When you ditch your trousers and start to sleep in your birthday suit it sounds like a little naughty and you get some healthy benefits as sleeping naked which is proves by some scientific research. If you want to improve your hormones level, a flat belly and want more sex you should need to make it habit to sleep nude. So this article will tell you why the sleeping naked is good for your health.

1.You’ll slow down the sign of aging and look more beautiful and youthful

Sleeping naked on a bed maintained a room temperature and it’s not higher then 21C that release the anti aging hormone which is called melatonin and the expansion the growth hormones in our body. The discharge of these hormones improves the athletic performance in our body. The body regenerates and hormones works better under lower temperature and resulting in healthier hair and skin. When the tempratur is high and the sleeping environment is hot that will not allow the body to become cool naturally and this will also disturb the discharge of hormones form our body.

As you need breathe to remain live our body parts will also need some breath and relaxation. Our private body parts remain covered with multiple layers yet in the summer so provide these parts an opportunity to air out and take breaths and this will also reduce the danger of skin diseases.

2. You’ll feel happier and more stress free

As we know that when we sleeping naked its increases the release of oxytocin which is called love hormone. Oxytocin is hormones which make you feel good and more powerful and these hormones are involved in sexual and orgasm sensitivity. The reduction of these hormones also helps to combating the stress, reduce the depression and intestinal inflammation and improving our gut motility and also balancing the blood pressure. If you were sleeping naked with your partner and both of your bodies touch each other it will raise the oxytocin level that cause the sexual desire and lead towards the more love moments and happiness with your partner. So the couples who are sleeping naked are more lovers and stressed free than others who sleep with clothes find out by a survey in USA.

3. You’ll get better quality of sleep

Insomnia which is a symptom of irregular sleeping and inappropriate body temperature that increase the level of stress and cause some serious health problems. This is a natural tendency of the body to turn down its body temperature when you are sleeping. A study that was conducted on the regulation of the body temperature when you are sleeping on the bed is significantly improved the sleeping quality and getting deeper slumber. Another study that was conduct by a Dutch scientist which shows that the people who are the lower skin temperature had a continuous sleep and get deep sleep in the end. So sleeping nude make a positive effect on your body and increase your sleeping quality.


4. You’ll lower your cortisol levels and maintain healthy body composition

When you’re sleeping qualities is bad and have some regular disturbance it release the cortisol which is also called the stress hormones. It will also raise your hunger hormones that trigger our craving for foods and lead towards overeating. Sleeping less at night is also reduces the production of fat burning and hunger controlling hormones. A research that was conducted by the University of Warwick which stated that the persons who sleeps just six hour or less then he develop 3 times more the diabetes level and the heart disease and also gain an unwanted weight. Sleeping naked keeps your temperature at the most favorable ranges that helps you to get deeper sleep and your body is also able to regulate cortisol. Sleeping nude will also help to reduce belly fat and unwanted weight that ensuring and maintaining your body a healthy composition.

5. You’ll boost your immune system

As it describes earlier that sleeping naked will increase the oxytocin level and reduces the stress and cortisol level. They both contributed toward better sleeping quality and make your body a healthier composition and robust the immune system. By sleeping naked means that you will giving your body the finest shot at fending off viruses, germs and other sickness that cause organisms.

6. You’ll protect your lady parts form infections

For women’s it always better to be safe relatively say sorry when your health go down. As we are all know that the bacteria flourish in warm and wet environment that cause some vaginal infections especially in women’s. Nicole Prause who is a research associate in the university of California in Los Angles said that sleeping naked reduced the ability of bacteria who cause the overwhelm of the usual vaginal flora. Sleeping naked maintain your body temperature that increase the capability to stay dry and also dropping the probability of fungal infectivity.

7. You’ll increase your virility

This is important for men who sleeping naked that increase the virility by maintaining the testes cooler and which is the reason the testes are positioned to the outer surface of the body. When you are covered with tight briefs and blanket the testes are heated up and lower the sperm count.










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