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Google Office v/s Facebook Office


We can’t imagine our life without Facebook and Google. Both of them have just become the essential part of our official and private routine life. For anything you need to search, you simply browse Google in your explorer. Similarly, the Facebook is the thing you intend to keep in touch always, everywhere. Without these revolutionary products, the fate of the world would not be the same as present. Try imagining our life with no help from Google or no Facebook in our apps; we would be like someone lost in desert with no one to communicate and nothing to get the help from.

Many engineers from all over the world, dream to be the part of the prestigious names of these two organizations. The life at their offices is entirely a different experience comparing to any other organization. There are a lot of things like pay scale, working timing and workforce on which prospective employees use to decide which one to pursue. But there are other things which do matter as well; the working environment. Here in this article, we are going to present a fine peep in these offices.

Let’s start with Google office.

The offices are definitely for work. But here in Google, you are not restrained from relaxing. Google office proved blissful relaxation chambers where you can lay downand reduce the work stress.

Have your ever imagined yourself with headphone on your ears, lying down in a chair with your eyes closed and enjoying the music? Definitely not. But Google provides this opportunity to its employees.

Google mess place is an ideal location to enjoy your meals. Here in this picture you can assess the fully lightened indoor of Google mess.

You are not bound to move the long walking galleries on your foot. You can bring your cycle and ride it to move along the work place.

Here in this picture you can see the “moo” art beautifully placed on wall

The fine and lovely aura surrounds you throughout your working place and you feel quite comfortable in

getting all your work done.

In Google, employees are also provided with plenty of opportunities where you can play games and make yourself feel better. There are specific areas which allow you to play board or TV games which you can enjoy whenever you feel bored of your work.

Google’s lobby is a fine piece of artistic work. It is totally different from typical office lobbies. You can use cycles for moving around or simply enjoy the sight of beautiful art work while working on your systems.

If you are lucky enough to get promoted to work in a separate or shared office cabin, you will enjoy the real experience of a lovely cabin. In this picture you can imagine how the cabins are structured and decorated.

You may find Rubik’s cubes at certain places which are beautifully designed are a lovely invitation to your mind’s test.

This is the place where you can enjoy almost everything. You have comfortable sofas here, you can read magazines, you can enjoy video games etc.

The computers are really fantastic. You can see how LED’s are designed in order to facilitate the work. After watching this picture, you will surely desire to work on these systems.

Here is the mouthwatering corner of Google cafeteria where you can enjoy a variety of dishes from scallion pasta to sweet dishes.

Tired of walking? Simply use this slide in order to reach the down floor. Now, don’t you think this is really a fun place to work?

Attending training with boss or presenting the results is not a nightmare in Google. In this picture, you can see how the presentation office has been structured in order to ensure the friendliness of working environment.


Now let’s have a look on Facebook office and then we will let you decide which one is better.

The premises welcome you with a grand entrance displaying a gigantic Facebook name.

In Facebook, it is not all about work. You can see how employees are eager to play chess in the office.

Like Google, you can use bicycles in order to move around the office. Isn’t it surprisingly good to see such things in an official work area?

Here you can see another employee who has parked his bicycle just besides his desk. We think he would be using his bicycle even for the restrooms.

The inside building is fantastically designed. You can see how attractive the ceiling is and how elite quality computers have been provided to the staff.

If you are tired while sitting in your chair for a long time, Facebook provides you with small beds where you can even lay down and stretch your legs. You are free to relax your back and make yourself comfortable. You can also carry on your work there.

Did we forget to mention the entertainment part? Here it is. In Facebook office, there are certain areas where you can use headphones in order to enjoy the superb quality of a premium sound system.

The artistic taste of architect is not ignored in Facebook either. You can see different beautifully designed chambers all around.

These are some other areas where you can sit, listen music, chat with colleagues and friend and lighten the work burden

This is another attractively designed area that appeals every sight towards itself.

In Facebook office, work and relaxation go side by side. It is not just a slogan, the office is really built in such structure that working tables and relaxing sofas are almost near to each other. If you want to stretch your back and make your stiffed neck comfortable, you are allowed to do so.

The cabins and rooms are perfectly lightened.

Here you can see the discussion room and imagine its aura.

These are some other attractions from chess area.

It is a closer look to those striking lights illuminating the whole office.

The lobby is simply awesome and plainly designed. You can easily move around, chat with colleagues and do your work.

The way to doing your work is not limited to strict professional rules. You can work the way you enjoy.