Published On: Thu, Jul 21st,

Republican Party Officially Nominates Donald Trump for the US Presidential Elections

The Republican Party has officially announce Donald Trump for the United State President, running a roller-coaster election campaign which saw the business tycoon has defeated the 16 other White House rivals. Donald Trump who was expected to address the meeting in the Cleveland by the video link later at Tuesday evening and welcome the Republican Party’s nomination as an “honour”.

It is a great honour to me to be the Republican Nominee for the United State President and i will work hard for you and never let you down. As he tweeted “AMERICA FIRST”. The real estate tycoon is expected to officially announce in the speech that and accept the Republican nomination as the US President in the convention on Thursday before facing off the Hillary Clinton the Democrat nomine for the US President in the November elections.

Trump’s Home state delegation from the New York cast the final vote which result him and put him over the threshold of 1,237, the majority and the additional support of the delegates to the convention in the Cleveland, Ohio. Trump settle for the nomination almost 2 months ago but the persistent controversy over his presidential campaign and the public speaking simmering movements; the anti Trump delegates deny him as his nomination made is less than a inevitable conclusion.

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It was not a straightforward decision of votes, 2 Colorado delegates abstaining and the delegation from the Washington declaring their votes in favour for the Ohio Governor John Kasich and the Senator Marco Rubio, only to have them flipped to Donald Trump by the convention chair to just follow the party rules for the districts. But most of the part the state delegations closed the lines behind the nominee after the peevish opening day when confusion broke out on the floor as the delegation against the Trump launches a short-lived revolt.

The millions of people watching on television that the former Slovenian born model delivered a apparently heartfelt cover of her husband. She said, he is an amazing leader and now he will go and work for you. The important thing is that there were unmistakeable similarities between her speech and the remarks given by the Michelle Obama at the Democratic convention in 2008.

The controversy burned on the social media with the mocking remarks, the Trump team went in chaos, with the wrongdoing, following the tacit admission and attempts to insulate Melania. Hey who cares? It was only her remarks and it was not sure that Donald and Melania were sitting around going and let the plagiarise speech of Michelle Obama.

Some the Republican leaders show concerns but they show respect for the party discipline and for gaining the public unity and suggested the Melania speechwriter should fired but they all defend the Trump as the Republican candidate.


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