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10 Actors Who Desperately Need A Hit

1. Mike Myers

Mike Myers was the every time strong box office describes as the most famous from the 90s through to the mid of 2000s; however he didn’t actually appear in several movies. Still, the franchises Austin Powers, the Wayne’s World and Shrek franchises kept back him in the great graces of audiences, even his movie The Cat in the Hat in 2003 ended up being the major flop of his career to date.

Though, he survived it, but it all came thunderous down when “The Love Guru” in 2008 didn’t just bomb fiscally, but was significantly panned, won the 3 Razzie awards ( for Worst Actor, and Worst Picture and Worst Screenplay for Myers) and Myers were also ended up and nominated for the award of Worst Actor of the Decade. in a word, its greatly killed the actor Myers’ career, and though he still had a victory with a cameo in Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds and 2010’s Shrek Forever and since that he is not starred in any kind of character or movie.

2. Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl‘s best career time was the unquestionably from 2005 to 2010, where she appeared in “Grey’s Anatomy” and take pleasure in the string of hits with the several likes of Knocked Up, The Ugly Truth, 27 Dresses and Life as We Know It. The actress only two hits have been the collection of rom-com New Year’s Eve and the animated movie The Nut Job and since that neither she receives any success.
At that time, most of Heigl’s production ends up going directly to VOD because of her lack of key roles being attributed with the reputation of her difficult work and a general audience dislike for the several of her different personalities as the leading characters. Roughly nobody is further than the PR resuscitation, although, she performs the fantastic role in a comedy to turn back the audiences around her. After that she continues again the unkind remarks against people she works with them, she builds too many bridges to come back again.

3. Steve Martin

Steve Martin has celebrated the decades and decades of success with his comedic talent, although the surprise box office hit The Pink Panther 2 in 2009 (after the original has generate more than US $ 150 million just 3 years before) has grounds his career to slowly move down ever since. In addition to the catastrophic flop that bird-watching comedy movie in 2011 “The Big Year” (which earns only US $ 7 million of its US $ 41 million massive budget), and its looks clear why the actor Martin hasn’t starred in a movie since 5 years.
Although his 2 latest releases, “Love the Coopers” and “Home” were success on the box office the former was just only the supporting voice role, and the latter was a narrative character part (playing just a dog, no less). No longer his appearing in the Ang Lee’s Billy Lynn’s “Long Halftime Walk” later in the year give him the much needed status boost, even if the movie will be sold more on its complete ensemble than anything else.

4. Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone almost very immediately was nominated for the Best Actress Oscar for 1995’s Casino after that her career fell off a cliff from which she never really recovered. The one and only isolated box office hit as she’s had given that is Jim Jarmusch’s “Broken Flowers”, a remote weep from her thread of business smashes in the 1990s, namely Basic Instinct, Total Recall, The Specialist and Casino, Sliver which jointly grossed over US $ 1 billion in all over the world.
Stone’s career slumps are more indicative of the tricky place in Hollywood, for the mature women, considering that Stone’s a great actress and has engaged herself to looks-wise. The rumours whirl that she may come into view in the upcoming movie Ant-Man and the Wasp, but she’d almost absolutely end up with the prime box office hit of her career to date and here is hoping that the best time she feels again.

5. Josh Hartnett

Josh Hartnett in the late 90s through to the mid of 2000s, was the appealing and the solid box office actor bet for the most part. He had a string of the several hits such as the Pearl Harbour, The Faculty, Black Hawk Down, O, Sin City, 40 Days and 40 Nights, Lucky Number Slevin and, finally the 30 Days of Night in 2007. Since that he’s appeared in the every single movie in has either shell at the box office or had an extremely limited release.
While he did receive the great acclaim for his work on the TV show Penny Dreadful recently, but he didn’t enjoy and the show finished after 3 seasons, he’s definitely seeking out the massive theatrical hit to get his acting career back on the track. He admit that he made a enormous mistake turning down and refusing to perform the Bruce Wayne role in the Batman Begins, and what we all see that, what the great price he’s paid for his decision. Still he is the pleasant actor, so there’s a great desire to see him as he landed a meaty part in the giant release a little soon.

6. Jessica Biel

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Jessica Biel in the early 2000s appeared in the several successful movies such as The Rules of Attraction, the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and in the Cellular and Blade: Trinity. Then in 2005, massive box office bomb surreptitiousness happened and hits became much more unpredictable, typically in collection of pieces where she wasn’t the guide (Valentine’s Day, The A-Team).
Her last box office hit was in fact in the 2011’s ensemble romantic funny side movie “New Year’s Eve”, and she hasn’t had a movie given a broad theatrical release since the Playing for Keeps (which also bombed) in 2012. This is a tough one to resolve; she never had a consistent string of the hits at the box office that were decisively because of her attendance, and so without any surprise hit, she may be restricted to the VOD cell forever more.

7. John Travolta

John Travolta is one of them who have the most unpredictable careers of just about any other actor out there as he started strong with the massive hits like the Grease and the Saturday Night Fever and then got downgrade to the Look Who’s Talking contract until the Quentin Tarantino bailed him out again with Pulp Fiction.
Travolta was nominated for the Oscar as the Best Actor for his work on the movie, and the move is greatly credited with the bracing his careers long at least until 2000’s disastrous Battlefield Earth come along. His career last momentous hit was the Old Dogs in 2009, and a year before to that success he had been quite sporadic. John Travolta mostly downgraded to the straight-to-VOD thrillers on these days, and he’s obviously just waiting for Tarantino to the great calling and rescues his career once again.

8. Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart has fascinating career so far, as she starting off in discriminating indie and art-house charge as a youngster before her landing to the iconic Twilight lead that was the pure box office blast. In 2012 when the franchise finally wrapped up, Stewart arrival to her less-mainstream effort for the most part, and has had only give the one box office hit Still Alice since, which was a great hit more for Julianne Moore’s broadly acclaimed (eventually the Oscar-winning) work than nothing else.
To encourage her she’s probably made sufficient amount from the Twilight movies alone that the disappointed actress can freely pick her own venture for the rest of the career, which is doubtful position to be in. It’s always said that it is good for PR to give the box office hit very early now and then to prove your value to the investors and producers, so fingers crossed that actress appearance in Ang Lee’s upcoming the long predictable Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk panic the statement.

9. Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal has only the 2 theatrically released movies since 2002, the same year’s that flop Half Past Dead, and Machete in 2010, which was a shock hit even if Seagal had only a quite small infamous role. The beneath Siegel star is still shake out at least for the couple of straight-to-video action movies every year, although many of them may believe that it’s simply too late for him and his career to get back his big screen movie career, until the some Stranger things happened and change his life
While it is sure that, Seagal has swollen out over the last decade and now; the typically spend and the use of stunt twice for even the basic battle in his movies, but it matters only if he can put aside his grumble with Expendables maker Avi Lerner, it would have been great to see him to lash out along his fellow acts legends in that strike franchise.

10. Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn a decade ago his career was at peak and what with the greatness of Wedding Crashers, Dodgeball and “The Break-Up” turning out in huge profits with the modest budgets. Vaughn’s last big hit was back in 2009 where he appeared for more than a cameo was Couples Retreat, and since then he’s suffered a lot and the number of high-profile box office broken, including The Watch, The Dilemma, The Internship and Unfinished Business.
Nothing else the credit goes to Vaughn, he took a big risky appearance in the totally non-comedic perform in “True Detective” season II (and did a stand-up job), but his newest film “Term Life” going directly to VOD which may be a sign of his career is begin to wind down. At all, this is the first time after several years that he doesn’t have a single new upcoming comedy on his slate. How strange.