Did Donald Trump Leak Nude Photographs of Melania to Distract from the Khan Story?

Donald Trump ongoing dispute with the Gold Star parents Khizr and Ghazala khan, the New York Post which previously endorsed Donald Trump in April, late of Saturday night publish the several nude photos of Republican candidate wife. The Post’s Sunday edition punned “THE OGLE OFFICE”. The picture was taken by the French photographer Ale de Basseville More...

by Abc News | Published 2 months ago
By Abc News On Friday, July 29th,

How Hillary Clinton defined her Historic Moment

At Thursday night the Hillary Clinton entertainingly batted away with the avalanche of balloons as she appeared happy, proud and settles to her historic moment. She accepted the Democratic nomination as the US More...

By Abc News On Thursday, July 21st,

Republican Party Officially Nominates Donald Trump for the US Presidential Elections

The Republican Party has officially announce Donald Trump for the United State President, running a roller-coaster election campaign which saw the business tycoon has defeated the 16 other White House rivals. Donald More...

By Abc News On Wednesday, June 29th,

A softer, gentler Donald Trump?

Many of the Republican leaders hoped that Donald Trump should have softened in his public speeches and pivot the center but up till now he hasn’t done that. There are growing signs that the presumptive Republican More...

By Abc News On Monday, June 27th,

Lionel Messi: Retires from the International Football

Argentina forward and the world best striker of the football decide to retire from the international football after losing the fourth major final in the last nine years. The Argentinean striker misses the penalty More...

By Abc News On Wednesday, June 15th,

Orlando Shooter’s Wife Attempted to Talk Him Out: Sources

The wife of Orlando shooter has voiced federal agents that she attempted to talk her husband out of executing the attack. Noor Zahi Salman, the wife of Omar Mateen, shared with the FBI she accompanied him when More...

By Abc News On Thursday, May 5th,

Ethical Permission Is Granted To Try To Use Stem Cells for Reactivating the Brains of the Dead

An American biotech company has acquired ethical permission by an Institutional Review Board in India and United States to work on 20 brain-dead patients for a highly controversial study: From following year, they More...

By Abc News On Tuesday, May 3rd,

White House: Malia Obama Will Attend Harvard

The White House publicized on Sunday that the older daughter of President Obama, Malia Obama, intends to attend Harvard University starting in fall. She is waiting till her father leaves office in order to More...

By Abc News On Tuesday, May 3rd,

Danica Patrick Met the Worst Car Crash

It was another race when drivers thought they were able to fly their cars. Consequently it resulted in maltreated race car, Chris Buescher, which went wild into the sky and forced Danica Patrick to take a hit she More...

By Abc News On Friday, April 29th,

Cruz Is Lucifer in the Flesh: Says Boehner

John Boehner, ex-House Speaker is a retired politician; therefore he appears to be retired from being politic; being very straightforward. He showed a sweeping honesty at a current event held at Stanford, reported More...