Published On: Wed, Jun 15th,

Orlando Shooter’s Wife Attempted to Talk Him Out: Sources

The wife of Orlando shooter has voiced federal agents that she attempted to talk her husband out of executing the attack.

Noor Zahi Salman, the wife of Omar Mateen, shared with the FBI she accompanied him when he purchases a holster and ammunition, many officials aware with the case stated. She spoke to FBI that once she drove him to Pulse, the gay nightclub, because he desired to scope it out.

Early Sunday, Mateen attacked Pulse with a massive shooting, leaving 53 injured and 49 dead. 27 victims were hospitalized till Tuesday. 6 of them are reported to be in critical condition. The hospital officials are of the view that they are expecting a rise in death because 1-2 of those patients were seriously wounded.

According to law enforcement officials, authorities are thinking to file criminal charges against Noor as she failed to inform them what she was aware of before the ruthless attack. However, no decision has yet been made in this regard. According to many officials, she is cooperating in the process of investigation.


Mateen was killed in a shootout with police after the most horrible mass firing in modern United States history and the most lethal terrorist activity in the state since 9/11.

29 years old, Mateen was born to Afghan immigrants in New York. One of his family friends has described him as close-knit, loving, and “very respectful” of United States of America. His clan finished in Florida, where he studied in Indian River State College located in Fort Pierce. Towards south of Orlando, it was a 2-hour drive. In 2006, he completed his graduate degree in criminal justice technology, and subsequently was hired as a private security guard. People knowing him said that he was passionate about law enforcement. Married twice, Mateen had a 3-year-old boy.