Published On: Sat, Feb 14th,

FBI To Help In Investigating Of Shooting 3 Muslims In North Carolina

North Carolina: 3 Muslim students were shot dead near a university in North Carolina. Police has sought the help of FBI to solve the case.

Three Muslim students were shot dead on Tuesday near North Carolina University. According to initial reports Police said that they were killed because of a parking space dispute.

Whereas according to the victims’ father the killer who is currently under the custody of Police, had harassed his daughters and son in law before and have accused them of being Muslim. He further said that the act of killing was completely a religious hate issue and his children were shot for being Muslims.

Craig Stephens 46-year-old-man, who describes himself as a gun toting atheist. He gave himself to police and accepted the offense of murdering 3 Muslims in Chapel Hill North Carolina.

According to neighbors Hicks is an angry man who often confronted his neighbors by showing his gun. His ex-wife said he was obsessed with the shooting-rampage movie Falling Down, and showed “no compassion at all” for other people. Hicks was presented in court on the charge of first degree murder and pleaded indigence.

On the other hand the news of killing 3 Muslims got viral on social media and on international media. People around the world has condemned the killing on the basis of religion and Muslim lives matter hashtags are going viral on social media sites like Facebook and twitter.

People are demanding that media should stop spreading hatred against religions especially Islam.

“The media here bombards the American citizen with Islamic, Islamic, Islamic terrorism and makes people here scared of us and hate us and want us out.

So if somebody has any conflict with you, and they already hate you, you get a bullet in the head,” said Abu-Salha, who is a psychiatrist and father of the victims.

More than 2000 people gathered to mourn the death of these three Muslim students and demand for justice and for free trial they further demanded that the hate speeches should be stopped and insisted that nobody should be judged on the basis of their religion.

Family and friends of the victims have rejected the first report of police which stated that the murder happened as a dispute over parking space.

Chapel Hill Police asked the FBI for help in their probe, and Ripley Rand, the U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of North Carolina, said his office was monitoring the investigation. But Rand said the crime “appears at this point to have been an isolated incident.”