Published On: Thu, Dec 25th,

US Police Kills Black Teen in Missouri, Sparks Unrest


Ferguson: A police officer shot dead another black teenager in same Missouri where demonstrators protest over fatal shooting, sparked clashes in the State.

Missouri Authorities stated that police was on patrol in Berkeley when one of the protesters suddenly thrown fire fireworks out of the police near a gas station, Police started shelling to disperse the protesters.

According to spokesperson a man from protesters pointed gun towards police officers, who opened fire to save him from the assailant which killed the gunman. Police has taken him to hospital immediately but her didn’t recover due to severe injuries, he added.

Media reported that girlfriend of victim, identified as Antonio Martin, stated that Martin and Police officers had a fight on some matter and when Martin tried to leave the place, a policeman shot him dead.

The incident outraged the protesters, who have been joined by mob of people, came to streets for protest on fatal killing of black teenager while there were clashes between police and protesters at many places which led to unrest in the whole State.