Published On: Mon, Jan 5th,

In New York, Thousands Of Police Pay Tribute To A Murdered Colleague


Thousands of police officers from all over the United States paid tribute Sunday to a colleague murdered in late December in New York. A few took advantage of the ceremony to challenge once again the mayor of the city.

Police officers flocked by the thousands, Sunday, Jan. 4, Brooklyn, for the funeral of Wenjian Liu, the second of two New York agents assassinated on 20 December. This Chinese-American officer was shot at the same time that the police officer Rafael Ramos , at close range by an unbalanced, which said it wanted to avenge the death of two blacks killed by police while they were unarmed .

The ceremony, which largely took place peacefully, nevertheless an opportunity for some police officers to show their hostility to the mayor of New York. Dozens of them and pointedly turned his back on screens where Bill de Blasio appeared in his eulogy.

Wenjian Liu was a good man. He followed the path of courage, sacrifice and track the path of kindness. That’s who he was and that he was delighted us much too soon, said Mayor Bill de Blasio.The whole city has a broken heart, he added.

On December 27, hundreds of police had already turned his back on screens showing Mr. de Blasio at the funeral of Rafael Ramos, spreading the open tensions between elected and 34,000 men and women in uniform. Ahead of Sunday’s ceremony, the head of the police, Bill Bratton, urged officers to refrain from disrespectful act.

This hostility towards the aedile New York is partly taken by the newly posted by that position. Bill de Blasio has indeed supported the protests in the country, denounced the racism of the police after the tragic deaths last summer. The mobilization was amplified in the fall when the officers involved – all white – have escaped prosecution .

Some police officers have also not forgiven him for having said in early December that he had explained to his teenage son, Métis, he had to be careful in their interactions with the police.

Just after the death of Liu and agents Ramos, Patrick Lynch, head of the largest police union in New York, had harsh words for de Blasio. There was blood on many hands, he said. “It starts on the steps of City Hall in the mayor’s office.