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Top 10 Most Dangerous Places in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of top countries in Pakistan hit by terrorism since past few years and according to rough figure killed thousands of people in last decade.

There are many causes of increasing terror activities in Pakistan such as injustice, illiteracy, poverty, unemployment, insecurity, absence of law and failure of law enforcement agencies and civil war in neighboring Afghanistan.

Pakistan military and security forces are trying best to reduce or eliminate terrorism from the state and making it peaceful by doing several nationwide operations against terrorists and organized gangs that involved in such activities.

There are still some of areas in the country which are considered as most dangerous in Pakistan, we have enrolled top dangerous areas and towns in the country below for you.

10: Dera Ismail Khan

Dera Ismail Khan is a city in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province (KPK) which has been located in on the west bank of the Indus River of Pakistan. The town has been suffering bloody gush in sectarian schism by which hundred of civilian have been killed while day to day target killing is apart from it. Dera Ismail Khan is one of most dangerous cities in Pakistan following religious violence and terror activities like suicide bombings which have not even reported completely by local media.

9: Hazara

The North-Eastern region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan Hazara has also considered as one of most dangerous region in Pakistan because of ethnic and religious conflict which led to many killings. There are numerous murders have been reported in last few year who have either victimized target killing or bombings. The Shia Muslims Hazara community has been often targeted by the Tehreek Taliban Pakistani militants who reduce the life security of these people in the region.

8: Miranshah

Federal Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan Miranshah is a municipality which has administrative headquarters of the North Waziristan Agency. The town has been on the hit list of US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in United States-led War on Terror because the region is home to several terrorists according to CIA. Numerous drone strikes hit the Miranshah to target these militants and many of civilian has lost their lives following these US led operation.

7: Mohmand Agency

The Mohmand Agency is a district in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan, is a very beautiful natural tourists destination in the country. Mohmand Agency is also witnessed of various killing due to clash between Pakistan Armed forces and militant groups in region, however, the reports suggested that ninety percent of Mohmand Agency have been cleared by Army person following operation against these radicals but they still present in agency and involved in terror activities.

6: Wana

The largest town of South Waziristan Agency Wana lies in in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas, listed in the regions which have been in the eyes of Pakistan Army for clearance to eliminate terrorists. Al-Qaeda affiliated Taliban-aligned Ahmadzai Waziris fights against security forces and killed several of people in cross attacks between these militants and Army personnel. Pakistan forces also trying to clear these regions because it is likely that most of terror acts have been operated through these south areas.

5: Bajaur Agency

Another Federally Administered Tribal Area Bajaur Agency is located in the town of Khaar having population of 757,000. Pakistan army has declared the Bajaur as conflict zone because several sources reported that many of terror operation have been controlled by militants sheltering in Bajaur Agency. The life security is nominal or equally to zero following continuous battle between Bajaur based militants and Pakistan armed forces since last few years as civil war started in Afghanistan.

4: Peshawar

The capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar is located nearby the eastern end of the Khyber Pass, one of the culturally vibrant and lively cities in Pakistan because of its natural attraction. The city is home to various famous and popular landmarks including Peshawar Garrison Club, Sunehri Mosque, Nishtar Hall, Sethi Mohallah, Bagh-e-Naraan and Shahi Bagh among others. The city has also victimized by terrorists bombing and most recent bombing was on Army school attach in which more than 130 childrens have been killed.

3: Orakzai Agency

Orakzai Agency is an area covering 700 square miles with population of 450,000, located in FATA region of Pakistan. Talibanization has been started back in 2006 which became the reason of sectarian violence as Shia population has been highly targeted. Pakistan armed forces and security forces have made operations to wipe out Taliban militants from the agency and succeeded to clear the lower region. The operation has been in process in central and upper sub-divisions by Pakistan army to make it calm and peaceful ever.

2: Quetta

Quetta is the provincial capital and largest city of the Balochistan, Pakistan, best known as fruit garden of Pakistan following the production of large variety of fruits and dry fruits in the city and surrounded region of the city. Pakistan’s only high-altitude major city is on the hit list of terrorist since last few years and many of suicide, car and bus bombing have been reported which led to killings of hundreds of people. Law enforcement agencies tried to reduce the terrorism and took various evitable actions to tackle to violence in the city.

1: Karachi, Pakistan

The largest city of Pakistan Karachi is also the capital of Sindh province, has home to twenty three million residents for which it also topped the most populous cities in Pakistan. Karachi is located on the Arabian Sea coastline having Port of Karachi and Port Bin Qasim which play imperative role in Pakistan’s overall economy. The city is also one of most dangerous cities in the world following elevated crime rates such as homicide, abduction, ransom, including other criminal activities. The city police and security forces are trying to decrease the instability by doing operations against organized gangs and terrorists.

  • Noor Alvi

    Before writing an Article about 10 dangerous places in Pakistan you need to know the areas of Pakistan First. Unfortunately you even dont know where is Hazara (the ethnic conflict area), it is in Balochistan province not in KPK. So, plz stop fooling people with your articles.

  • Aisha Sheikh

    Hazara isn’t a place. They are an ethnic group that is getting targeted mainly in Quetta, Pakistan.


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