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Top 10 Most Expensive Makeup Brands in the World

There are number of brands which can be considered when top most expensive makeup brands have discussed because every brand has its own exclusivity and quality products for which these became the most expensive makeup brands in the world.

The cosmetic is one of the most sold products all around the globe because these are extreme necessity of women of any status including high-profile celebrities and female of upper and middle class. When we see around in the market for the cosmetic products there are hundreds of brands present in different regions of planet offering different ranges of various products lines.

In presence of all these it isn’t difficult to pick out some of lavish makeup brands because of their high cost and intense quality, here we have made a list of top most expensive makeup in the world which are given below:

10: Smashbox

Smashbox is one of most expensive makeup brand which is all about enduring makeup that works under camera, lights and action. The legendary LA photostudio Smashbox Studios founded Smashbox and its products deliver a flawless finish and color under the studio lights as well as in the daylight during work in the field. Smashbox offers almost all of makeup products all around the world but its most of outlets and stores are in western countries, its makeup is easy to use and gave fine finish to women that passionately satisfied them.


9: Nu Skin

Founded in 1984 Nu Skin has overwhelmingly pursued creation of products and resources to assist millions of people all around the globe to look more beautiful and stunning. The most expensive cosmetic brand is committed to provide quality skin care featuring only premium and ingredients that are only quality which is good for skin. For more than two decades it remains true to this all of the good and simply none of the bad and developed more innovative creations that support the health and longevity of skin in quite well manner and flash more beauty without any harm.


8: Oriflame

Headquartered in Switzerland, Sweden Oriflame is one of most expensive makeup brand in the world which has been founded by brothers Jonas af Jochnick and Robert af Jochnick in Sweden. Oriflame is a leading beauty company selling direct which offers a wide portfolio of Swedish, novel beauty products. With more than 40 years experience and more than 100 scientists and state of the art R&D facilities, it search better solutions and technologies to create more progressive and innovative products to meet the on-going trends and customer needs.


7: Elizabeth Arden Inc.

Founded in 1910 as Red Door salon Elizabeth Arden, Inc. is a cosmetics and fragrance company by Elizabeth Arden which has headquarters in Miramar, Florida, United States. It has been among the most expensive makeup brands in the world which offer extensive range of luxurious and expensive range of makeup and cosmetics products almost all around the world. Renowned and high quality brand is committed to offer more innovative and creative products that benefit the skins and make it more beautiful and gorgeous with its flawless offerings.


6: Artistry

The skincare and color cosmetic brand Artistry is another most expensive makeup brand in the world which has been produced by Access Business Group while its business has been spread all around the globe including Korea, Italy, Japan, Canada, Finland, and from Latin America to Australia and New Zealand. Launched in 1968 under the Nutrilite brand continues it’s offering with advanced technology and research to make more unique and creative solutions to skin problems. It stand among the most popular and best known cosmetic brand in the world.


5: Estee Lauder

The American manufacturer of high-end skincare and makeup including fragrances Estee Lauder has very diverse portfolio of labels which has headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. The brand offers a wide collection of cosmetic products all around the world which are considered to be quality products for which it has high costs making it one of most expensive brands in the world. Founded by Estée Lauder and Joseph Lauder the company has expanded its business in last few years in many of other countries.


4: MAC

The esteemed cosmetic brand in the world MAC is among the most expensive makeup brands all around the globe which has popular for its quality products and exclusive skincare offering to provide solutions to skin problems. The MAC skincare range includes lipsticks, lip-gloss, all types of foundations, , nail polish, stage makeup, and mascara among others while it’s also provide discounts on purchases to its premium members which are only cosmetic professional and students studying the discipline.


3: L’Oreal

The French cosmetic and beauty company L’Oreal is one of most known brand in the world which has offered its products in almost all countries of the world. The largest cosmetics company has covered every field of makeup and skincare products such as hair color, skin care, sun protection, make-up, perfumes and hair care including dermatology, toxicology, and biopharmaceutical research fields to expand its products. For high-end products having high costs it has been added in the list of most expensive makeup brands in the world.


2: Mary Kay

Founded in 1963, Mary Kay is a privately owned company which sells cosmetics has headquartered in Addison, Texas, stand among the largest direct selling company in the world. A trusted global name in skin care, makeup & body care which provide latest beauty advice, makeup trends, virtual makeover and better solutions to skin problems. Mary Kay is one of expensive makeup and cosmetic brand in the world which has most advanced and updated technology to create more the latest products for its customers.


1: Chanel

The French privately held company Chanel is founded by Coco Chanel more than 100 years ago, the luxury fashion house deals in various high-end fashion accessories including cosmetic line. One of expensive and luxurious brands in all over the world it has charged massive costs for its products because of elegance and exceptional quality contrary to all of others. It exclusive and elites products range is impeccable and flawless making it one of most popular and well-liked brand across the globe.


  • Stoical1

    Oriflamme, Mary Key, L’Oreal belonging to most expensive brands? No. Those are cheaper brands. Only Chanel would qualify as one of the expensive ones, but sill cheaper, than for ex. Tom Ford, Serge Lutens, or Cle de Beaute, or Sisley. In comparison to those Chanel or Estee Lauder seem quite affordable. Fro ex. Sisley ‘s eye mascara costs $70, Tom Ford’s lipstic $50, Cle de Beaute and Serge Lutens pressed powder costs $130-170, and so on.

  • tangledvine

    Whoever wrote this article has English as a second, or third, language. It would be great to have articles proofread before publishing. No?

  • Janeth Horwith

    Mary Kay?! That stuff is crap! And really cheap crap at that, so is L’Oreal and Arden (Cover Girl would actually do your face better than these!) Who did the research on this? Obviously someone not knowing a thing about true, enduring French make up and skin care that’s has been around for many years, such as T. Le Clerc (awesome powders and lip colors!), and Clarins, Chanel, La Prarie, Le Mer and and Cle de Beaute. Most ladies cannot afford these brands, but take into consideration that there are “parent” branding companies producing these high end products and they are re-branded under the the trade names. Do research before you buy, ask for a make-over or a few samples before you spend hundreds of dollars on one product and go ahead and splurge once in a while, it’s good for the soul. Stay gorgeous!

    • Loool

      Nooooo that’s not true Mary Kay is very expensive and good quality, this shows you have no sense on make-up brands.


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