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Top 10 Most Dangerous Guns in the World

Weapons have been deeply connected with people who utilized them to secure themselves from any external threat and danger of their lives and important properties.

There is variety of weapons are available in market like pistols, revolvers and mousers with their specifications and features. Guns are one of most important weapon than able to mark the opponent from a reasonable distance while these are also available in wide range.

Today in the age of technology many of advanced and hi-tech guns came up with most upgraded specification that ca surprise you making it more dangerous for human being that can killed dozens of people even in a single second. We created a list of top ten most dangerous guns in the world for you given below:

10: Heckler and Koch HK MG4 Machine Gun

German company Heckler & Koch designed HK MG4 Machine Gun has been developed in late 1990s replaces the earlier HK MG3. HK MG4 Machine Gun became the secondary armament of the new Puma infantry fighting vehicle following its light weight, maximum user safety and overall reliable functioning. One of dangerous weapon in the world but has been adopted by Standard platoon-level of the German Army, PASKAL special operations force, Portugal military and South African security forces.

9: Heckler and Koch HK416  

The Heckler & Koch HK416is an assault rifle designed and developed by German based Heckler & Koch, uses a HK-proprietary short-stroke gas system that operates rod to force the bolt carrier to the rear. The reduction in heat and fouling of the bolt carrier group raises the consistency of the weapon and extends the gap between stoppages. The HK416 has equipped with modifiable multi-position telescopic butt stock which allows six different lengths of pull, making it one of dangerous guns in the world.

8: Accuracy International AS50 Sniper Rifle

British Accuracy International produced AS50 sniper-anti-materiel rifle allows its users to mark targets at very wide range of 1,500 meters with high precision using explosive or incendiary ammunition. AS50 Sniper Rifle is highly portable, ergonomic and very lightweight, dis-assembled in nearly three minutes can fires five rounds in 1.6 seconds. Two-part machined steel receiver attributes an essential accessory rail for mounting optical sights with two additional rails are mounted along the sides of the short barrel shroud.

7: FN F2000 Assault Rifle

FN Herstal manufactured F2000 Assault Rifle has been designed in 2001 first exhibited at the IDEX in Abu Dhabi of UAE. The gas operated rifle is fully automatic and ambidextrous while its safety system and trigger mechanism has been taking on from the P90 private protection weapon. One of most dangerous gun in the world has only weight of 3.6 kg which allows its users to fire 850 rounds per minute with the velocity of 900 m/s which the rifle has been effective up to 500 m.

6: Thompson M1921 Submachine Gun

The American submachine gun Thompson M1921 is one of dangerous gun among others all over world which has ability to fire 1500 rounds per minute from effective range of 50 m with the velocity of about 285 m/s. Thompson M1921 is one of well-liked and most used weapon by military personnel, criminals, police officers and civilians as well.  Developed by John T. Thompson the submachine has been originally manufactured by Auto-Ordnance Company in late 1920s.

5: MG3 Machine Gun

A general-purpose machine gun MG 3 is a German made resembled with MG 42 universal machine gun of the World War II. Recoil operated roller-locked Rheinmetall MG 3 machine gun is able to fire 1300 rounds per minute with velocity of 820 m/s while its effective range is about 1,200 m, however, it has adjustable with respect to the sight and conditions. The machine gun and its variants have been acquired by the armed forces of more than 30 countries and considered as one of most dangerous guns in the world.

4: XM307 Advanced Crew Served Weapon

The vehicle mounted XM307 Advanced Crew Served Weapon has been developed to be two-man handy following its light weights contrary to others. XM307 allows it users to suppress and destroy the enemy combatants from 2,000 m by firing 250 rounds per minute. General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products has developed the machine gun first time later, it has been manufactured by various countries as it capable to demolish lightly armored helicopters, vehicles, watercraft most popular for its dangerous destruction.

3: Kalashnikov AK-47 Assault Rifle

The AK-47 is a selective-fire; gas-operated assault rifle that has been first manufactured by Mikhail Kalashnikov in the Soviet Union in 1946 post World War II. AK-47 is the most popular and widely used assault rifles in the world despite of six decades passed away following the substantial reliability of gun under harsh conditions. The gun has been utilized by various countries as primary weapon of security forces while its low production costs as compared to other Western weapons and easy availability every geographic region also one of reason of its recognition.

2: Uzi Submachine Gun

Uzi is an Israel Military designed gun similar to Israeli blowback submachine guns, the first weapon that features telescoping bolt design. Uzi Submachine Gun has efficient firing range of 600 rounds per minutes at range of 200 m at the muzzle velocity of 400 m/s while two external safety mechanisms protect the user from any accidental discharge. There are a variety of military and civilian variants of Uzi Submachine Gun available used by frequent countries of Europe and America and Asia.

1: DSR-Precision DSR 50 Sniper Rifle

German based DSR-precision GmbH has developed the bolt-action anti-materiel rifle DSR 50, considered as most powerful and dangerous gun in the world following its destruction and damage. DSR 50 has came up in market with several modification in DSR-1 like clouding hydraulic recoil buffer, blast compensator and muzzle brakes. Some of same texture of DSR-1 has also adopted like bipod, monopod and free-floating barrel still exist making it most reliable and effective gun in the world with its lightweight and short in length with an adjustable butt sock.

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