Published On: Thu, Apr 16th,

Protests Against US Police Violence in 30 Cities, Dozens Arrested

Protesters gathered in New York City and around the United States to rally against police brutality and a peak in officers killing unarmed black men. Organizers spread the message on social media using the #ShutDownA14 hashtag.

Since months, tensions appearing between Black people and United States’ security forces and now white American calling upon government to stop violence on them, for this a huge demonstration had been done by civilians who gathered in New York City and chanted slogans against US police’ indecent behavior.

The United States civilian took social networking website to call upon while posting #ShutDownA14 hashtag, though police had taken into their custody dozens when the Brooklyn Bridge was blocked by protestors.

The American media accounts, demonstrations had been done in 30 cities in about 18 states and which occurred on Tuesday nationwide, was arranged by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network.

The Stop Mass Incarceration Network is calling upon, “The murder of Black and Brown people by the police MUST STOP”, as well condemned of police’ brutal behavior for black people.

Not only this, also requested US court those who accused and found guilty charges with sinless people, be punished.

The organization believes that this kind of behavior of US police spoiling system and racism can be bad for society, so it should be “stop the repression targeting the protests”.

A huge protest was seen in New York City in which hundreds of demonstrators took part from Union Square south towards City Hall. These marchers blocked Broadway while taking parting in a die-in at the corner of Broadway and Houston.

More than 210 people gathered on roads around side of Daley Center in Chicago, to disturb business routinely and remained successful to shut down traffic on State Street, American tabloids reported.