Published On: Mon, Oct 26th,

Earthquake strikes Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Northern India

A hard earthquake has just been felt from Karachi to Naran in Pakistan. The cities include Peshawar, Kohat, Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Khanewal and majority of northern areas of Pakistan. Large scale damage is expected. According to Earthquake Division, Afghanistan’s city Badakhsahn is the main strike center of this earthquake. Besides, tremors are also felt in New Delhi, India and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The recorded magnitude is 8.1 according to Pakistan Meteorological Department. Although according to United States Geological Survey, it is 7.7.

The range of quake is 196 kilometers deep and 82 kilometers centered to southeast of Feyzabad in Afghanistan, Hindu Kush mountain range. As the quake is not much deep, that’s why no sever casualties are reported. Although, there is a recent update that 10 people are dead so far. It includes 2 women from Sawat due to a wall breakdown, with 3 injured men. Moreover, a building has been collapsed in Peshawar Qissa Khawni Bazar while Islamabad is facing a communication service disruption. In Hunza, glaciers have reportedly started to collapse which is a fore coming expected severe loss. Whole Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has been in direct effect of this earthquake. Citizens reported on social media that the quake lasted for upto 1 minute. They reported shaking street lights, ceiling fans and land sliding. Ambala Muslim School’s wall has fallen down in Sargodha where rescue teams have been departed. Many buildings got cracked in Kohat. Emergency has been imposed in Chaarsadda hospitals. According to National Disaster Management Authority of Pakistan, people should be alert for expected after shocks in next 24 hours.

This region is often hit by earthquakes. Right before 10 years in same month of October 2005, a severe earthquake hit Major areas of Kashmir and Pakistan at a magnitude of 7.6. Around 73,000 people were killed and more than 3.5 million were left homeless. It was the worst and strongest earthquake before today. Today’s earthquake is worst reported quake in history of Pakistan at a magnitude of 8.1. But due to more depth, its effects are not fatal that much. The earthquake in 2005 was only 15 km deep. The deeper the quake, the lesser are the effects. Another earthquake hit Pakistan in 2013, with Balochistan its center. More than 376 people were killed in this quake.

The earthquake tremors are also felt in India. People hasted out of their homes and offices. The tremors affected Jaipur, New Delhi and northern India. The whole area form Dubai to Delhi has got affected from this earthquake and major casualties are expected.