Published On: Thu, Dec 10th,

Times to strengthen Pak-German trade ties


This is a great opportunity and time to promote and strengthen the trade relationship between Pakistan and Germany said by German Ambassador Ms. Ina Lepal when she visiting Sialkot for leading industrial unit. She also said that it will provide Sialkot exporter to an easy access to European Union (EU) markets. She also admits that Sialkot exporters have talent and a unique culture so we should need to remove all hurdles and ensure that Pakistan exporter explore and capture and not only the German market also the European Union market.

Some special efforts are made to construct mutual trade ties with Pakistan said by German Ambassador. She also says that Germany Is ready to provide assistance and play its role as an entrance to European Union market to promote Pakistani exporters. He says her country is trying very hard to remove all hurdles to develop a strong two-sided trade ties between Pakistan and Germany. She also says that with the effective role of Pak-German Business Forum, we should identify and focus on the need of businessmen of both countries.

While addressing to the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) she says both countries have good relationship and enjoying their friendly and pleasant trade relations but this is the time further reinforce their mutual trade ties. She added that the exchange of trade delegation would also start in. She informed that there are other Germany companies who wanted to invest in different fields in Pakistan specially energy sector and several other companies who are ready to construct a joint ventures in different trade fields with Sialkot business community.

President of Sialkot Chamber of commerce Industry Mr. Mansoor said that there is a huge demand of Sialkot products in Germany. We should need to develop Joint venture and business collaboration between German and Sialkot based companies in the field of leather products, sports goods, and surgical instruments. He also says that trade volume is over $2.2 billion between Pakistan and Germany and it show that both countries have confidence and mutual trust on each other.

Sialkot is the most important and economical city of Pakistan and contributed more toward the country exports. Sialkot manufacture products which are used in internationally specially in Olympics games World cups like footballs, cricket gear, field hockey stick and boxing gloves. Sialkot also makes surgical instruments which are export to all over the world including developed countries said by Mr. Mansoor. He also hopes that this meeting will generate more understanding between the business communities of both countries and it’s also enhancing their economic trade and ties.