Published On: Tue, Feb 2nd,

15 Funny Things to Type into Google And See Amazing Results


Getting bored? Not anymore! There are a few things that you just need to type in the Google and see what happens then. These things can make you smile and distract your mind from strenuous work at office for a while, which can be helpful relaxing your mind.

Following are the 15 funny things that you can type into Google:

1. Barrel roll

Barrel roll! By typing “do a barrel roll” or “z or r twice” will make your Google page rolling in a 360 degree manner. Why to do this? Obviously for fun off course! This related to the game Star Fox in which the keys Z and R were used to control your Fighter move left or right by pressing twice.

2. Tilting

If you type “askew” in the Google search bar, the whole page will tilt off at a slight angle. It is also used in a manner of work but it never comes to use. It can also b used as fun and also for a change in your browser.

3. Star Wars text

Are you a Star Wars fan? If you are then it’s awesome and if you are not then there is only one question for you! Why? Have you ever wanted Google to have that Star Wars starting text which scrolls down to the end, if you did then type “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” in the search bar of Google, and you will find that exact Star Wars style of text scrolling down to the end.

4. Blinking

Another way to change your mind with the help of Google, just type in the search bar and see how the word “blink” actually starts blinking on that page.

5. Google like it’s 1998

Does anyone remember how Google looked like when it first started working as a search engine in 1998. Nothing much is changed right now in, visually it looked very the same like in 1998 as of now. If you want to see how Google looked like in 1998 then type “google in 1998” in your search bar and it will take you back in 1998’s version if google.

6. Zerg rush!

Have you ever played the game StarCraft (1998)? If yes then you must remember how you used to send your large units of low quality to overcome your enemy, and if you don’t know this game then no problem, now you know enough. By typing “zerg rush” in the search bar of Google, a large quantity of Google “o”s will start crawling down the page starts eating the page written contents. This is a fun to watch.

7. Breakout

How many of you loved the game “bricks” on Atari? I think everyone! And I am sure this is the one thing that you want to do again and again on Google. If you type “Atari breakout” in search bar of Google and go to images tab then a game of bricks will start with the bricks of images. That will be fun I’m sure!

8. Conway’s game of life

Game of life was a game, created by John Horton Conway, in which the player sets a limitation to start the game then watches how the development starts taking over. If you type “Conway’s game of life” in the search bar of Google and hit enter you will come across to see a tiny recreation at the right side of the browser.


9. Super Mario Bros

One of the most famous games of all times is Super Mario which was released in 1985 and it is a very common search but have you known that there is an animated question box under the images of Super Mario original game that is alive. Search “super mario bros” through Google and you will see a blinking box exactly the same like in the game which Mario used to hit to collect the coins. If you click that animated question box it will give the sound same as Mario is hitting to collect coins.

10. Flip a coin

We normally use a coin and toss it to decide something. If there is something to decide by flipping the coin and coin is not available then simply go to Google and type “flip the coin” in the search bar. You will come across an animated coin which will help you deciding if and only if you believe Google that it’s not taking side!

11. Roll a die

And if you want to do something more then to flip a coin then there is roll a die option available for you to entertain yourself. Just go to Google search bar and type “roll a die” and a die will b available for you and also ready to roll.

12. Bacon number

Bacon number is a number or links between you or any personality and the actor Kevin Bacon. It’s all supposition that how anyone is linked to Kevin Bacon through his or her roles in any TV series or Film, but it’s very astonishing that how often it’s accurate. If you want to links between Kevin Bacon and someone else just go to Google’s search bar and type “bacon number” followed by any famous or normal person’s name.

13. Top trumps with food

If you want to compare any two foods to check what will suit your diet plan like top trumps, go to Google’s search bar and search, just for example you want to search about apple and oranges than type “apple vs orange” it will show all the specs of both fruits and then you can choose which one breaks more calories and others.

14. Google’s funny language

There are some funny languages of Google like pirate google, klingon google, hacker google and Elmer Fudd google. For example type “?hl=xx-klingon” at the end of the URL of your Google and then see what happens.

15. Recursion

If you want to tease someone by asking him to search a word and there should be no mistakes in it then you can use the word “recursion”. If someone types it in Google, it will ask, did you mean recursion? And when you click on it will ask the same question as before and it will go on and on in a recursive manner. This is one good joke of the programmers of Google.