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Smallest Countries In The World

Smallest Countries In The World

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1)    Sealand

Area: 2 ha
Population: 27
Currency: Sealand Dollar
Official Language: English
It was founded in 1975 and has very few people that live in this country. The units are established by British Troops at the time of Second World War and they also have currency, stamps and passport. It is a small country which is quite popular in the world as the smallest country.

2)    Vatican City

Capital: Vatican City
Area: 44 ha
Population: 451
Currency: Euro
Official Language: Italian, Latin, French, German
Vatican City is a country in Europe positioned in Rome which has area of 110 acres and it has very less people live in this country. Bishop of Rome rule this city and this also has St. Peter’s Basilica which is the Sistine Chapel and it also covers the gardens of 23 acres and other museums and buildings.

3)    Monaco

Capital:Monte Carlo
Area:  202 ha
Population: 37, 831
Currency: Euro
Official Language: French
Monaco is a country in Europe and covers an area of 75 square miles. It is a small country which has the smallest monarchy and is positioned at the southwestern Europe. It was surrounded by Mediterranean and France. Its population is very less and is quite popular in the world. The industry of this country is mainly tourism. People come to gamble in this country and also enjoy its beautiful weather. The population is not very high but has a large amount of tourists that visit this country.

4)    Nauru

Capital:Yaren District
Area: 21 km2
Population: 10, 084
Currency: Australian Dollar
Official Language: English, Nauruan
Nauru is a country positioned at the South Pacific Ocean and covers 8.1 square mile of island. It got independence in 1968 which had population of around 9000.

5)    Tuvalu

Capital: Funafuti
Area: 26 km2
Population: 9, 876
Currency: Australian Dollar, Tuvaluan Dollar
Official Language: Tuvaluan, English
Tuvalu is a country in the Pacific Ocean. This island covers 10 square miles and it was discovered in the late 60s. It was under the rule of British since then. It got independence in 1978. It has a total population of 10472 people. It does not have much resource so it earns through the funding come from other countries.

6)    San Marino

Capital: San Marino
Area: 61.2 km2
Population: 31, 448
Currency: Euro
Official Language: Italian
San Marino is a country in Europe which covers 24 square miles of the world and it is also among the smallest countries in the world. It is the country which has least population and also it is a country in European council. It is a state of sovereign and also its history can be traced from September 3rd. the constitution of this country was enacted in 1600. It is the oldest constitution republic. it was the richest countries in the world and also the beautiful one.

7)    Liechtenstein

Capital: Vaduz
Area: 160 km2
Population: 36, 925
Currency: Swiss Franc
Official Language: German
Liechtenstein is a country which is quite small and covers a total area of 160 km2. This country is positioned in Europe and is covered with Austria and Switzerland which also covers the total area of 61.7 square miles. It is among the smallest countries in the world and is also among the quite wealthy places. It is a famous center for business. There are more ratios of registered companies in comparison to the population of the country. It is the most likeable destination for tourists to visit in winters.

8)    Marshall Islands

Capital: Majuro
Area: 181 km2
Population: 52, 634
Currency: United States Dollar
Official Language: English, Marshallese
Marshall Islands is a country in Oceania which covers a total area of 70 km2. The most important part of this country is composed of the islands and the tolls which has a total population of 62, 000. It got independence in 1986 from United States. It has not much natural resources but the main source of its income is the funding which comes to them from United States.

9)    Seychelles Island

Capital: Victoria
Area: 459 km2
Population: 92, 000
Currency: Seychelles Rupee
Official Language: English, French, Seychelles Creole
Seychelles Archipelago is a small country which covers the area of about 174 square miles and is considered as the eighth smallest country in the world. The total population of this country is not very much it has got island in this country and is composed of total 115 islands. The export system of this country is quite famous and it is the main source of income in this country. It exports mostly vanilla, copra and cinnamon. It got independence in 1976 and the tourism industry is very famous in this country which also includes in the source of income for this country. Tourism occupies its one third of the income.

10)    Maldives

Capital: Male
Area: 300 km2
Population: 345, 023
Currency: Maldivian Rufiyaa
Official Language: Dhivehi
Maldives is a country positioned at the Indian Ocean which covers most of the area and also the population. It is considered as the smallest country in the Asia. The area it covers is 115 square miles and also has very less population. The islands are a total of 1192 in this country but around 200 out of total are occupied by human beings. Most of the population of this country lives here in the capital. There are mountains and the island in this country which makes this place more beautiful.


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