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Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in the World

There are number of beautiful countries in the world that are not only beautiful and attractive but also very magnificent out door, blessed with natural and manmade structures.

People who love to travel like tourists are keen to visit these states following there striking and remarkable sites while these countries also offers lot of activities to visitors including adventure, enjoyment, pleasure and surprise activities that are enough to please their guests.

To enlist these countries in a rank is quite difficult and nearly impossible but we tried to make a list of top ten most beautiful countries in the world which are just marvelous and there is no alternative of their unique and stunning beauty.

10: USA

United States of America is one of most beautiful counties all over the world and undoubtedly rich with natural attraction while tourists will see the high quality of manmade work in the State. The most developed and advanced State is home to various beautiful places including mountains, buildings, beaches, museums and other pleasant sites where one can enjoy vacations in real manner.

Geography and climate of the United States are also extremely diverse which supports variety of wildlife in the region. There are uncountable places to visit including Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Golden Gate Bridge, Walt Disney World Resort, Central Park, Alcatraz Island and Niagara Falls among others.

9: New Zealand

The island country in southwestern Pacific Ocean New Zealand is a popular tourism destination which is best known for beautiful landscape view of the snow and the mountainous sites.

The country is home to various natural attractions that people can take exciting experience to visit these areas and marvelous sites. Milford Sound, Bay of Islands, Sky Tower , Lake Taupo, Fiordland National Park, Lake Wanaka and Tongariro National Park are among those places which someone must consider while traveling to the country.

8: Australia

The Oceanian country Australia is another most beautiful country all over the world following its striking places, landscapes and natural locations. From Outback and Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park to Kakadu National Park the country has set into marvelous setting and considered as most attracting continent fro tourists who must configure the country during planning to spend vacations.

Australia stirring landmarks and locations includes Sydney Opera House, Port Jackson, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach, Uluru and Great Barrier Reef are some of places in long list of visiting locations.

7: France

The list of most beautiful countries left incomplete if France isn’t added in it, one of old country in Europe is famous for its culture follows from villages to the cities.

France has several cultural landmarks and amazing locations which were enough for visitor to take them into dreamland as well as its climate supports the state to attract number of tourists in the year. Few attractions have been listed here for your interest like The Eiffel Tower, French Riviera, Disneyland Paris, Louvre Museum, Palace of Versailles and Musée d’Orsay.

6: Spain

Kingdom of Spain is located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe among three countries which have both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines. The most beautiful country has well run tourism industry following the climate, geography, coastlines, landscapes, historical sites, lively culture and its infrastructures.

The famous tourist attractions are Gothic Quarter, Alhambra, Ibiza, Costa del Sol, Royal Palace of Madrid and Buen Retiro Park among other location which must be considered when travel to Spain.

5: Italy

Italy is among most beautiful countries in the world having striking locations, climate, geography, culture and history. The magnificent sceneries and marvelous landscapes and masterpiece made it most attractive county among other for which it tourism industry has been popular so for following its attractions.

Colosseum, Florence Cathedral, Pantheon, Roman Forum, Grand Canal, Leaning Tower of Pisa and Trevi Fountain are some of best known landmarks which are most visited places in the country and everyone who travel to Italy keen to stroll these areas.

4: Brazil

Brazil is home to world’s most beautiful cities Rio de Janeiroand one of the ugliest São Paulo and extremely blessed by nature it country which has world’s most breathtaking sights.

World’s most soulful nation has very diverse climate and culture for which it has been highly popular in the region while many of well known celebrities belonged to Brazil. There are numerous places to spend enjoyable vacations like Sugarloaf Mountain, Iguazu Falls, Copacabana, Ipanema, Tijuca Forest, Christ the Redeemer and Teatro Municipal of Rio de Janeiro following other locations.

3: South Africa

South Africa in another a unique and beautiful travel destination, though it is not snowy weather condition or Greenland but it has been among the most popular countries which are home to wild animals.

The nature has made the country most perfect for heavy animal like elephants and lions for which it became the attractive state for tourists. The most visited places include Table Mountain, Kruger National Park, Table Mountain National Park, Kirstenbosch NBG, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront and Cradle of Humankind.

2: Switzerland

Who didn’t know about the country Switzerland is one of most popular and attractive country to visit and spend quality time with family and friends while it has importance for being famous honeymoon destination for newly married.

The country is best known for its snowy weather by which snow capped mountains, striking sights and amazing landscapes made it most beautiful country in the world. The most magnificent places include Lake Geneva, Jungfraujoch, Swiss Alps, Mount Pilatus, Matterhorn, Rhine Falls and Lake Zurich.

1: Scotland

Scotland has undoubtedly deserved the top position for blend of arresting sceneries, breathtaking landmarks and remarkable weather conditions. The country has became the most attractive and preferred tourists destination because of its natural attractions and amazing creatures that aren’t found in any of state.

The Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palac, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Loch Ness, Arthur’s Seat, Scottish National Gallery and St Giles’ Cathedral are among those which have been visited by millions every year.


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