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10 Of the Best Haunted Sites around the World

There is a list of the best haunted sites around the world where the most supernatural beings are happened and haunted by ghosts. There are many locations in the world that have some secrets and stories that related to the ghost and some other unnatural happenings.

1. Versailles, France

The Chateau de Versailles simply the Versailles is the most beautiful achievement of French art of the 18th century and its stay World heritage list of UNESCO for 30 Years. The Palace of Versailles hosts the several historical events the Peace Treaty between defeated Germany and the Allies at the end of First World War on 28 June 1919 in the Hall of Mirrors. The Hall of Mirrors is the best Museum of the history of France and it also the King Grand Apartments. The Grand Apartment is built by the Louis XIV in 1670s for the King and Queen. Hall of Mirrors is the most pretentious display of royal power to impress the visitors. All of French Kings lives there and make it more beautiful until the French Revolution. The palace lost its seat in power in 1789 and currently is the Museum of France. The Palace Versailles still host political and ceremonial functions. Its host the joint session of Parliament consisting of the National Assembly and Senate to revise and establish the French Constitution.

2. Glamis Castle, Scotland

Glamis Castle is one of the most haunted castles in British. Glamis Castle is located in the village of Angus, Scotland. Glamis Castle is the home of the Lyon family in the since the 14th century. The Castle has gone through many renovations and additions when the Mary Queen of Scots visited the castle in 1562 and at that time the Castle was enclosed in fortifies courtyard. There are several secret and stories related to the castle named Ghost of the Castle like the” women without a tongue”, “the Grey lady”, “ the young servant boy”, “the ghost of Earl Beardie”.

3.Hinton Ampner, Hampshire, UK

Hinton Ampner is best known for its fine and most beautiful garden and it was an outstanding collection of painting furniture and different objects. It was remodeled by the owner Ralph Dutton in 1960 because it was badly damaged by fire. The garden is spread across twelve acre (five hectare) with informal plantings in neutral shades and proper layout with varied. The house if full of fine paintings of all seasons and are displayed in monochrome dimensional style. The house and garden are now owned by the National Trust and are open to Public. The garden is also used for sponsored walks and raise funds for National Trust.

 4.Borgvattnet, Sweden

Borgvattnet “The Hunted Vicarage” is the most renowned and a small village in the northern Sweden. It was built in 1876 and its reputed as a haunted house. Borgvattnet also have lot of spooky things and ghost stories. There are many persons who live in and complaining about the ghost in the house. In 1927 the first ever ghost is documented in Vicarage when a person is gather his laundry and he finds that his laundry being torn down by an unseen force. In 1941 when a women visited to the vicarage, she find that there are three old women who are sitting in a sofa in the guestroom and the three ghost were still appeared when she turn on the light. Chaplain Erik Lindgren is another person who visit the vicarage, he wrote in his journal there was rocking chair and he was not able to sit long on that chair and he is been thrown out by an invisible force. Currently the building is serving as guest house, restaurant and café. You will receive an overnight stay certificate, If you are able to stay the entire night.


5.Amityville, Long Island, US

The Amityville Horror House was built in 1925 and its remain the most talked about hunted houses in the history of United States. In 1965 it was bought by the DeFeo family. In 1974 police arrived at the house and find bodies of DeFeo’s parents and other four siblings. DeFeo initially indicating that a horror voice in his head compelled to do it but later he confessed to murdering his family. The house remains empty for one year after that the Lutz family moved to Amityville house. Lutz family also complaining about a horror deep voice that say “Get Out “. The family also experiencing some strange occurrences and they left home just after 28 day of moving. The controversy starts in 1987 when Jim and Barbare lived there for 10 years without any paranormal occurrence and they sold house to Peter and Jeanne. Lutz family is been criticized as they made purposeful and false misrepresentation for the purpose of profit-making gain. A ghost hunting married couple Ed an Lauren Warren investigate the home in 1976. They used camera to take photographs and infrared and the found the image of a young boy who has similar to the DeFeo Youngest son.

6.Aokigahare Forest, Japan

Aokighara is a haunted forest of Death, situated at the stand of Mt, Fuji and Aokigahara is the most infamous forest in the Japan. It is also known as the “Suicide Forest”, Sea of Trees, and Japan’s Demon Forest. Aokigahar is the second most popular place for suicide (the first is the Golden Gate Bridge). Since 1950 and there are 500 confirmed suicides in Aokigahara. It is also called the” perfect place to die”. History says that all this start when a two lovers committing Suicide in the forest. It is pretty terrible for Japan having a this forest because Japan’s suicide rate is high. Aokigahara is vast forest and cover the area of 3500 hectare. The discomfort in the forest is the thickness of the trees even at high noon some place are completely dark. There are so many efforts taken to prevent the suicide in the forest but Japan’s suicide rate continues to rise. In addition there are other ghost stories associated with the forest. People find ghastly spirits glide between the trees and seen unsuspecting visitors of their eyes. It is sure that Aokigahara is not the kind of Place where your want to go for the honeymoon.

7.Poveglia Island, Venice, Italy

Poveglia is the “Island of Madness” and the most haunted island in the world. Poveglia is a small island located between Lido and Venice in northern Italy. Poveglia Island is one of the islands in the lagoons of Venice, but instead of being a place of beauty the island is a decaying imperfection in the shimmering sea and it becomes the most evil places in the world. The dark histories of the Poveglia Island start during the Roman Era when plague victims are isolated from the general population. When the plague tightened their grip the general population began to panic and the residents showing a sign of sickness. The island become a psychiatric hospital with a large and very impressive bell tower and the patients of the hospitals report that seen the ghost of plague victims and they suffering more. Italian Government owned the island but later is was sold. A family bought the island and builds a holiday home but they left after first night without say anything.

8.Winchester House, San Jose, California, US

The Winchester House in California which was the house of Sarah Winchester the widow of gun magnate William Winchester. It is listed as National Register of Historic Places and a designated California historical landmark. This house is privately owned and serve as tourist activities. The story or the Winchester starts with the birth of baby girl Sarah in September 1839. Sarah was very beautiful and intelligent and have some musical skills and fluent in foreign languages. In 1862 she was married with William Wirt Winchester in New Haven. Winchester is a businessman and he made a volcanic repeater, a rifle which was easy to reload and fire rapidly. Winchester died in 1881 and Sarah was so shattered, Sarah grieved deeply not only for her husband but also loss her child. Sarah sold the house and moved to California. As the time goes the house continues to grow, rooms were added and its become a building of seven stories. Currently the Winchester house is declared a California Historical Landmark and is also a registered with the National Park Services with unknown numbers of rooms nad odd dwelling.

9.The Tower of London

The White tower is an example of Norman military architecture is a historic castle located on the bank of river Thames in Central London. The Tower of London is the one of the symbol of royalty and fortress of layers of history. It was built in 1066 and it was example of the fortress palace remaining in Europe in the 11th century. The Tower of London has the outstanding universal values and as demonstration and symbol of Norman power. The tower structure was a significant in the mid of 11th century and its fostering closer tie with the culture, English language and Europe. Tower of London also reflecting the iconic role of the last military conquest of England. The most historical tower in the European history the tower host most momentous events in the British and European history.

10.La Isla De las Munecas, Mexico

La isla De las Muneacas is and Island filled with Hundreds of decomposing, hanging and decapitated dolls. it was the property of a local farmer Don Julian Santana. According to someone that a young girl is drowned in the lake. Local people sys that the dolls open their eyes and even move their heads and arms. Some witnesses claiming about the whispering of the dolls with each others. Don Julian Santana collects lots of doll from the canals and did not clean up regularly, covered in dirt and put them up with missing limbs and eyes. Santana died in 2001 and small white cross mark his grave near the water. Currently his cousin Anastasio lives in and running it as a tourist attraction.