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Top 10 Most Amazing and Spectacular Technological Creations of

2015 was one of the best years for breakthroughs in technology. Whether it’s flying car or creating brain, it’s just phenomenal. Humanity has never seen such kind of innovation before except in movies. Following are the top 10 most amazing and spectacular technological creations of:

10: Magic Leap

Magic Leap is a US company that launched a gadget which will revolutionize virtual gaming and it will be a dream come true for every virtual gamer.  In this company uncovered a headset, shaped like glasses. This gadget can project virtual objects to the real world if seen through the glasses. Still this technology is in development and its synchronization with human brain and body is under production. This technology holds extraordinary future. CEO of the Magic Leap has stated that the physical screens will be of no use when this technology will become fully functional and developed. Other gadgets like laptops and Smartphones will be extinct after the use of this gadget in daily life.

Magic Leap

9: Yangyang

Yangyang is the first humanoid robot created by Hiroshi Ishiguro, who is robotic Expert of Japan. Yangyang can talk, shake hands and can even hug. Hiroshi stated that in future humanoid robots can replace actual humans in the fields of acting and pop-singing. After his statement he has now become a common enemy of such professionals. He also said that these kinds of robots can’t feel tiredness and as compared to their human competitors they will be more skilled. In Mr. Hiroshi teamed up with SSI (Shanghai Shenqing Industry) which heightened his visualization when he developed Yangyang (Android Robot). This innovation is indeed a milestone of research. But that question still remains that how wires can replace bones and flesh? But still Yangyang is one of the most amazing and spectacular creations of.


8: V2V technology

V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) technology is a wireless technology through which information is transferred from one car to the other cars around such as speed, position, brake status and other related data. This helps a vehicle to understand the surrounding environment, which can help to act according to the scenario and can possibly save an accident. Such type of efficiency is not available in the most advanced sensor structure. Now all the big automobiles companies are moving towards using V2V technology which will reduce road accidents a lot.

V2V technology

7: AeroMobil

For a long time every inventor has a dream to create a flying car and it also a desire of people who stuck in traffic jams regularly. Many inventors have tried but failed up till now. A company named AutoMobil has developed a vehicle which looks like a plane that can drive, not a car which flies. Its structure is made of steel and carbon composites, with the help of which its weight is immensely light. It has already completed more than 40 test flights and recently it is in quest for certification of both air and road, which will bring an entirely different combination. This is one of the most amazing and spectacular creation of.


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6: Project Loon

In Google took an initiative in order to reach the 60% population of the earth who are still unacquainted with the profits of technology and launched Project Loon. The idea of this project was to launch balloon fleets in the space edge. Their power source will be solar energy. They will remain in the range of 60,000 to 90,000 feet. Filled with helium, these balloons will bring together humanity with the help of internet and will also help people in case of any natural tragedy. Hundreds of these balloons were launched in by Google. This became one of the top amazing and spectacular creations of

Project Loon

5: Breakthrough Listen

Since 1950 Hollywood is making movies on Extraterrestrial life and has been generating profit since then but in reality everyone is inquisitive about aliens and yet nothing convincing have come forth about alien life. On 20 July Stephen Hawking and Yuri Milner started a project named Breakthrough Listen, which initiated the search of radio signals in space. This project was 50 times sensitive and greater than 10 times of any earlier SETI program.

Breakthrough Listen

4: Self-Driving Car

In advancement in automobile section was seen by Google. Has anyone ever thought of a car driving on its own? If yes then here is your physical result. Google has developed an electric car that work without driver. It is a combination of sensors and softwares with the help of which car itself judges the world around it. Digital maps are use in it which increases its efficiency. At this time car has a capacity of 2 passengers and small luggage. Google tested it in their headquarter area in Mountain View. This amazing, spectacular and incredible creation is at #4 of.

Self-Driving Car

3: Electroporation

Many of the parents have heard from their child that, “I can’t make you happy.” But now there is an enzyme named CRISPER/Cas9, which can penetrate in the DNA and modifies the genes. With the help of these enzymes egg cells and sperms will also become plausible. This will help in creating a deigned child of one’s preferred characteristics. Scientists have succeeded to penetrate these enzymes deeper in the cells with the help of electric fields since. Now instead of “I can’t make you happy” people will listen “it’s your fault if I can’t make you happy because you designed me”


2: Liquid Biopsy

2015’s another spectacular and amazing creation is Liquid Biopsy. With the help of which cancer which is a lethal disease can be detected on a very early stage, even before the symptoms. The machines in this advancement are in the size of cell phones. With the help of a few drops of blood these machines can identify cancers. This is ranked #2 in’s amazing and phenomenal creations.

Liquid Biopsy1

1: Mini Brains

Human brain is a mystery for scientists till now. They have never managed to understand its construction and were unable to create one because every time they experiment they get a deceased human brain or of animal’s. Because of which many purposes of living human brain are nebulous up till now. In scientists have used skin cells to create human tissues. In genetic conditions they are nearly fully developed “embryonic human brain” and are named as Mini Brains. This development can help to provide answers for brain cancers.

Mini Brains