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Top 10 Social Networking Sites

1. Facebook

Facebook is the top most popular social networking site of all time. The famous social site allows you to upload photos, update your current status, sends message to your friends, and post messages and views on their page. Facebook, initially called as “The Facebook” was the fantasy of a student who attended Harvard University. The social site took off instantly and continued to grow from there and initially the Facebook was only allowed and uses by the college students. It started its journey at Harvard, and soon the creator of the social networking Mark Zuckerberg opening it up to surrounding colleges. Shortly, the social networking site was open up to non-college students and invited people from all over the world.
The countless businesses use the Facebook to get their name and promotion out there. There are several companies out there who tendered the Facebook services to many business and companies. The service provider creates the Facebook page, and posts the content regularly as the form of advertising. There was a great deal of drama when Facebook was first created, the 2 students from the Harvard University accused the creator of Facebook of stealing their idea. In court the Zuckerberg settled for a secret amount. Simultaneously there were two cases against Zuckerberg in the courtroom. The co-founder and CFO also took Zuckerberg to court after being expel from the company and the case was also settled for the hidden amount. No doubt the Facebook is so much famous, that a major action picture about how the Facebook first started.

2. Twitter

Twitter is the second most famous social networking site which allows the users to send and read messages which simply called “tweets.” Though these tweets are short and only allow 140 characters to tweet. Twitter was first created in March 2006, and was launched in July 2006. Twitter was one of the top 10 most visited sites in 2013. Presently the Twitter has over 500 million users and many of the celebrities, politician, world leaders and media channels and several other business use Twitter, so that their followers can keep up touch with their daily lives and events.
The second most top social networking website is responsible and famous for making its “hashtag (#)” which is the most widely used symbols to create an event and the millions of people on Twitter start tweeting it. Before Twitter, the hashtag was only used as the strike key on the telephone and consider as the symbol only for number.

3. Linkedin

Linkedin is the third most top social networking sites of the world and best for professionals. The site is specially made for the professionals and the business to get the better jobs and the better employees. Linkedin was founded in December 2002, and officially launched on 5th of May in 2003. The social site is one of the top social and professional networking sites in 2013, with more than 259 million in almost 200 countries as of 2013. The social site is also available in twenty different languages.
Linkedin allows users to create their profiles in order to create real professional relationships with thousands of employers, co-workers and other professionals in their specialized field. The users can find jobs and learn business opportunities through people who they are connect with this social website. The job seekers frequently use this site to review the profiles of HR managers for the better preparation for the interviews. When you are sign-in to Linkedin, you can bookmark jobs of your interest that you want to apply for. You can also like and congratulate other user’s on their promotions and adding on an event on their profiles and you are also able to see who visited your profile page.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is the top most social networking sites which display your ideas and creativity. This social site allows their users to select the page, an item or website, etc, and allowed to pin it to their board. This site is totally used for storage, collection and sharing. The items which you saved on your page are called “pins”. There are several other websites which offer the news and information, and have an option “pin it” button. Just click on the “Pin” button all the information which you want to upload on your page will be automatically uploaded to your board.
The users of Pinterest also can follow each other, so that you can watch and observe what your family and friends are pinning. Pinterest is a vast outlet to show off your creativity and interests. The user can also like the Pinterest page from the Twitter and Facebook accounts. Pinterest has become one of the top 5 social networking sites over the past few years. Pinterest had 48.7 million users, as of February, 2013 and that numbers are growing rapidly and extensively since then.

5. Google Plus

Google Plus which is owned by the Google Inc. Is the 5th most popular social identity and networking site with great number of users in all over the world. Google Plus allows their users to create a profile page which containing a profile picture, the background display, work history, your interests and school history. The user can also post the status updates and sees other people’s status updates and share the pictures. In order to do this, you would be needed to become part of your “circle”.
Google Plus profiles have become the background for other Google services, in November 2011 such as the Gmail, Google Maps, Google Play, Google Voice, Google Wallet, Google Music, and Android most desirable operating system for the Smartphone’s. Google Plus also has the Plus-1 button, which allows their users to recommend sties as this button worlds similar to the “like” button on Facebook.

6. Tumblr

Tumblr is the 6th most popular social site which was created by David Karp in 2006. Tumbler is the micro-blogging and the social networking site. The users of Tumblr can post content and multimedia items in short blog form. The dashboard of the Tumblr is the primary page for Tumblr users and it is a live feed of user’s favourite blogs and posts from people which a user follows. The user can also post the images, videos, texts, quote, or share the links to your own blog and also able to share other people’s blogs. The user are also able to set up the schedule, so that posts can go over after the several hours or days. The hash (#) Tags are the enormous way for your friends and followers to find your posts and shares easily. At this time the Tumblr hosts over 213 million blogs.

7. Instagram

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Instagram is the 7th most popular social site which is used for mobile sharing photo and video and social networking. It was created by Mike Kriegar and Kevin Systrom and was launched six years ago in October 2010. At present, there are over 300 million users of most hot social networking site. Instagram allows their users to upload their photos and share videos and follow others users so that a user can see their posts (images and videos) as well. The users are also able to link the Instagram account to your Twitter and Facebook and accounts, so that the photos which a user share on the Instagram will automatically posted on those sites. Since the creation of Instagram, some of the various trends also emerges.
• Selfies: A selfie is a self portrait photo taken with a Smartphone or from the digital camera. The Selfies trends gain the vast amounts of likes and hits on the Instagram.
• Throwback Thursday: The trend of Throwback Thursday has started on Instagram, and has made its way to the Twitter and Facebook. On each Thursday, you can post old photo, with the hashtag of #TBT.
• Woman Crush Wednesday: Every Wednesday, you can post a photo of the beautiful lady which you have a crush on.
• Man Crush Monday: On each Monday, you can post a photo of the beautiful man which you have a crush on.
• Weekend Hashtag Project: The Instagram society team comes up with a theme at the end of the weekend. You would upload a photo which fits in with the new theme.

8. VK

VK is the 8th largest Russian social networking site and also available in Europe. Though VK social site is available in several languages but it is only most common with Russian speaking people and users. VK currently has over 280 million users. The most widely used function on the VK is the Messaging. The user of VK can send private messages between the two to thirty other peoples. The private messages are included audios, photos, videos, files, document and maps. The user can also post news, views and share magazine articles on your profile. There is a like button like the Facebook, but likes on the Facebook page will automatically transfer the content to the user’s own wall, while a liked item on VK page shares the content with a private favourite section. The user of VK can also synchronize the several other social accounts with VK.

9. Flickr

Flickr is the 9th most popular website which allows their user to post and share the videos, images and web services suites. The Flickr was obtained by the Yahoo in 2005. Flickr had over 87 million users as of 2013. The social website offers the 3 types of accounts. The first type of account is free and with this account the user has the limited amount of storage. The second one is ad free and this account also offers the same amount of storage but not offer any annoying advertisements. The third one is the Doublr account and this type of account enables the users to get double storage of the other 2 free available accounts. The photos and videos that you upload can be displayed in the normal view, slide show, detailed view, or have a datastamped archive.

10. Vine

Vine is 10the top most social networking video sharing websites. Vine was founded in June 2012 and since then it allows their users to edit, record, and upload just only 5 to 6 second long videos. The user can also revine or share photos and can also follow others as other can follow you as well. The videos which you upload on Vine can also be shared on Twitter and Facebook automatically. If you want watch the videos which are uploaded by other people who you are not following so you can search them by the name of user, the theme, and trending videos.


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