Published On: Tue, Nov 11th,

Facebook Messenger Users Hit the Figure of 500 Million Worldwide

Facebook: Social networking app recently revealed that up to 500 million people using facebook messenger every month.

Facebook messenger usage reached to 500 million people in a month, social networking app announced on Monday. The company stated that users of facebook messenger have been doubled which it used by 200 million people in Aril.

The company has faced criticism when decided to force users of facebook to download messenger to sent text and chat with people but the fact is as it announced the independent IM to chat that is more comfortable and speedy than that of built in IM.

The firm CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained the decision that company considered the traffic of messenger then decided to bound users to download messenger for conversation. About 10 million messages have been sent per day from IM, the CEO disclosed.

The massive traffic of messages has slowed down the messaging and app took time to load the text, to avoid these waits company chosen to fix that issue by making messenger compulsory for users, he added.

Social networking app has been used by more than 748 million people as per facebook newsroom while another mobile messaging app Whatsapp has more than 600 million users per month.